Bulb Recipe for Layering in Pots Number2

Recipe # 2 Layering Bulbs for Extended Bloom

For this recipe you will need about 12-18 inches of diameter and about 12-18 inches of depth. You can use this as part of a larger planting if your pot is bigger.


  • Add a layer of pea or crushed gravel about 2 inches deep for drainage.
  • Top with 2 inches of soil.
  • For the first layer of bulbs add some tall white Tulips.
  • Cover the first layer with soil.
  • For the second layer choose about 10 Hyacinth…the hot pink Jan Bos would be striking.
  • Cover the second layer with soil.
  • Add 15 Muscari armeniacum.
  • Cover the third layer with soil.
  • Add 15 Anemone blanda ‘White Splendor’ .
  • Cover the final layer with soil.
  • Sprinkle with bulb food.
  • Add a layer of about an inch of pea gravel or small crushed rock.
  • Place outside…your bulbs need to chill for about 3 to 4 months. In areas with hard freezes, keep pots in sheltered sites i.e. , against the house, sunk into the garden or covered with mulch or leaves.
  • Water and wait. Your hard work and patience will be rewarded J.
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