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Bulb Layering In Containers

Layered Like Lasagna

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Princess Irene Tulips

Wish you could enjoy a spring bloom of tulips but find yourself with limited gardening space and time? Sounds like you’re the type who would enjoy planting your bulbs in containers. Just a few minutes spent now will translate into a gorgeous display of colour in spring.

It doesn’t take a surgeon to plant bulbs in a pot, but some strategic thinking will pay off.

For instance, did you know you can layer them like noodles in lasagna? This will create a long lasting succession of blooms.

Don’t be afraid to pack it full. Make sure the bulbs don’t touch, and remember that the deeper the bulb, the later in the season it will bloom.

Bulbs that flower later in the season, like tulips, should be planted first, on the lowest layer.

Mid spring bloomers like daffodils could be planted next and the earliest bloomers like crocus, grape hyacinth or snowdrop should be planted on top.

If you want to layer but still keep it simple, stick with one flower.

Grab yourself some Princess Irene tulip bulbs in support of Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Tulips for Tomorrow campaign.

They are a great orange colour with gold and purple subtle flares, are early bloomers and are fragrant too! Perfect for a pot by the front door.

If you have a half barrel, you will need about 75-100 bulbs. For a 12- 16 inch pot, 3 packages of 10 should work. Make sure your pot has good drainage, use a well drained potting soil, and then begin to plant in layers. With this recipe, we will still do three layers, but plant the first layer at 4-5 inches (a little deeper than recommended, but it will be okay), the second at 3 inches and the top layer at 2 inches. The top layer will come into bloom first, with the other layers about a week or so apart. All you have to do is snip off the flowers as they fade, while the ones below come up with more blooms.

Bulb Layering in Containers Bulb Layering in Containers Bulb Layering in Containers

Push the container off to a sheltered spot over winter and water it occasionally. In early spring, put it on display at the front door and enjoy! Your neighbour will wonder how you have tulips blooming for so long!

Support the Tulips for Tomorrow Campaign. Visit Arts Nursery and purchase a pack of Princess Irene Tulips. All proceeds go to support the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation. Available each Fall through November.

More information available at

Rebecca van der Zalm

Rebecca van der Zalm

Rebecca is an owner and the ‘Plant Boss’ of Art’s Nursery Garden & Home, a large family owned garden centre in Surrey. Fueled by her passion for plants and the occasional grande vanilla latte, Rebecca strives to share her love of gardening at every opportunity. The goal: to offer more service, more selection and more fun.

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