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How To: Summer Planter To Fall Planter

Change your planter with the seasons

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Join Laurelle as she shows her very own Summer Planter transitioning to a Fall planter. What’s great about changing your planter with the seasons, is tapping into your creativity while selecting and reusing elements that you have for a Fall planter display. Use what you’ve got and add in some highlights to bring you into the Fall season. Keep your thrillers such as up right grasses, flax, coleus, spillers, dicondra, Creeping Jenny, wire vines or periwinkle. Pull out the centre flowers such as petunias, begonias or other summer flower plants.

Look at your planter critically and think of a theme for your planter such as decorate elements like pumpkins, lanterns, drift wood, stone figures and more. Leave enough space from the plants that you have removed such as bud blooming heather, asters, mums, any little bits to tuck in that spark of Fall colour, or evergreen grasses that will take you right into November when you start to switch over to a Winter look.

In tody'as video, Laurelle hand picked plants for two different Fall looks. It’s really hard to make up your mind sometimes when it comes to getting creative! So lucky for you, we pulled two different looks and Laurelle decided in the moment, on camera which planter she will show you today! Below are some possible ingredients that can help you to create your own personal Fall planters using your own creative flare.


1. Purple Fountain Grass or any Fountain Grass with beautiful fuzzy seed heads

2. Blue Dart Rush juncus infexus blue dert

3. Corn Husks

4. Twigs

5. Any upright grass Miscanthus varieties or any other upright Thriller/Dramatic grass with a dramatic look

Flowers / Highlights / Colour

1. Sapphire Mist Aster

2. Fall Mums

3. Violas


1. Any of the Euphorbias, Laurelle used ‘Glacier Blue’

2. Colourful Huchera varieites

3. Ferns


1. Goldilocks Creeping Jenny

2. Wire Vine

3. Ivies

4. Periwinkles

5. Cascading evergreen grasses such as Carex, Feather Falls and more

Fall Planting Tricks and Tips

Achieve a full and vibrant look by placing your plants shoulder to shoulder. There isn’t a whole lot of growth that goes on during the short Fall season so plant it just how you’d like it to look. Also keep in mind, think about themed groupings rather than individual planters. The idea is that you are incorporating various elements that complement each other to create a themed and seasonal display while reutilizing summer plants from the previous season as you’re able to. Lastly, don’t worry about sun and shade requirements of plants for Fall and Winter season. Regardless of their sun requirements, what’s great about the Fall/Winter season, is you can use plants that would normally have full shade requirements in full sun areas, because we are into a cooler season. The most important thing is to not over think your designs, have fun and bring in some humour or whimsy into your own personal style.

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