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Hello all, I trust you’ve had yourselves a merry little Halloween! I have less than usual left over candy hidden in the cupboard. I felt bad for all of the soggy little and big trick or treaters so I gave them an extra handful or two which means I’ve been shamelessly pilfering from both of my daughters stashes of candy.

I have to say I’m pretty relieved. I thought they’d been losing their hearing lately …Example: Hailey, do you have any homework? No response. I said, do YOU have any HOMEWORK? No response. DO YOU HAVE ANY HOMEWORK???? No response…though there might have been an eye roll.

So today while both of my hard of hearing daughters were in the living room…texting and carrying on like teen aliens I thought it safe to tiptoe into their room and pick out a tiny Caramilk or Aero…I made no noise…just the tiniest of rustle and they came thundering down the hallway like Mama bears protecting a cub. Perhaps teenage ears are tuned to particular frequencies like candy wrapper rustling and the electronic beep of an incoming text. But I digress…your list awaits you:

November Garden


With the rain deluge we’ve had the last few days you might notice some drainage problems. Now is your chance to fix them. We certainly are working hard at it at the nursery you might notice some new work going on when you come to visit. If you have some areas with issues you can trench and use gravel and perforated pvc or you can consider designing a rain garden.

Spent perennialsGarden beds

You can do a mild clean up and trim. Keeping in mind the native pollinators often use the hollow cavities of spent perennial stems as nesting.

You can divide and move shrubs and hardy perennials. New plantings will be watered nicely by Mother Nature.

Do avoid working in waterlogged soil as you will compact the bed when you are tromping around in it.

Bulbsamaryllis comet

Now is a great time to plant and there is still a good selection.

Think about layering for extended colour. Think about placement for leaf die-down. Hostas and Daylilies make good cover plants. Summer flowering bulbs like Cannas and Dahlias can be lifted.

It's also a great time to plant indoor bulbs like paper white daffodils, prepared hyacinths and amaryllis.


Plants like Roses can be thinned back a little bit. You can take off about 1/3 of what you would normally prune and do the rest later winter.


It's still a good time to plant. Take note of the varieties that had spectacular fall colour and keep that in consideration when you are choosing a tree. If you live in the City of Surrey, check out their website  and take a look at their tree planting program which is on until March I believe. You can purchase up to three $25.00 tree voucher worth $75.00 against any tree - which can be redeemed at Arts. Call us at 604.882.1201 for more details.

Move Pots Closer To HousePots

Winterize, pull borderline hardy plants up against the house under an overhang and insulate the pots. Adjust your entryway groupings for winter Wow! Silvers, whites, golds and yellows are important colours. They will glow and brighten the pots in these low light days.


Make sure you blow out the lines and finish winterizing. Come to think of it…do that to your campers and cabins as well.

Try to keep warm and dry. Don’t expect instant perfection. Tuck in to a good book. Take your Vitamin D and come in and visit the nursery.

If you fancy some 'Christmassy' glitter and lights and hot chocolate or apple cider come and visit us on Thursday, November 22 from 5-9 for our Annual Christmas Open House. Everyone is welcome!

Cheers, Laurelle
Laurelle Olfdord-Down

Laurelle Olfdord-Down

Laurelle is a certified horticulturalist and Landscape designer. She is currently an up and coming apple guru, growing over 120 cultivars which explains her passion for edible garden design. Laurelle works part time for Art’s Nursery. You can also interact with her through Art’s monthly newsletter, our blog and our gardening channel on YouTube.

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