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Height:15' prunedWidth/Spread:8' pruned
Size:7GPackage:Landscape Pot

Plant Attributes:

Moisture/Soil:Well Drained
Bloom Time:Spring
Bloom Color:
Growth Habit/Shape:
Growth Rate:Average
Hardiness:Zone 5-9
ID# 645  | SKU#3066  | UPC:

Pear 'Flemish Beauty'

Flemish Beauty Pear

7G Landscape Pot
Class: fruit tree
This heritage variety has large, roundish pears with clear yellow skin and firm white flesh. It has good flavour and ripens in early September. Self fertile and very hardy.
Plant European pear trees in full sun, in an area sheltered from cold winds and away from low-lying frost pockets. Soil should be neutral to slightly acidic, somewhat moist, and well drained. To produce fruit, pear flowers must be cross-pollinated from a different variety of pear tree. Asian pears and European pears will pollinate each other if they flower at the same time. Plant at least 2 pear tree varieties in the area to ensure pollination. When ready for harvest, pick pears when they are still firm and store them for several weeks in a cool dry place. They will soften and be ready for eating thereafter. Prune pear trees in winter when they are dormant. Protect your pear tree from over wintering insects by applying a dormant oil-lime sulphur spray in the dormant season. Apply a fruit tree and berry food in the early spring before growth starts.
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