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Plant,Shrub & Tree Rentals

Art's Nursery offers a plant rental service for special events, tradeshows, weddings, movie sets and more.

Daily, Weekend & Weekly Rentals

Daily rentals include 1 overnight with pick-up or return the following day. Weekend rental fees are the same as 2 daily rentals but can be picked up Friday and dropped Monday with no additional charge. Weekly rentals include 7 days with a pick-up the day prior and return on the eighth day.

You may choose to purchase the item after its rental. Your rental fee will be applied towards the purchase price, but the pick-up and drop-off fee will not.

Drop Off and Pick-Up Fees

Due to the weight and size of some materials, a pick-up and/or drop-off fee may be required if we drop-off and pick-up.

This fee will only be levied once per item per rental. In other words, the  fee includes both drop-off and pick-up from your location.

Return of Damaged Items

If an item is damaged during the length of the rental, you will be responsible for covering its regular purchase price. As plants are living things, please ensure they are cared for and watered, especially during the hot summer months.

Please call 604.882.1201 for more information.

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