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Art's Nursery Pumpkin Patch

Urban Pumpkin Patch in Surrey

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Pumpkin Patch Entrance

We have a vast variety of pumpkins available at our Nursery in Surrey! From classic and traditional pumpkins, ornamental pumpkins, gourds, ornamental squash and more! Get some family photos and take home the perfect unique pumpkin to enjoy at home.

Classic / Traditional Pumpkins

We have a variety of sizes of the classic Fall orange beauty. This classic can be carved, painted or cooked up in a pie! We have small, medium and large sizes available.

Pumpkin Patch

Ornamental Pumpkins

Green Apple Pumpkin

Looks like a large modelled apple with light and dark green colouring.

Grizzly Bear Pumpkin

Round in shape, caramel in colour with textured and raised speckles throughout giving it a whimsical caramel Fall look.

Blue Delight Pumpkin

This pumpkin boasts a soft milky blue/green colour. It is not only beautiful, but is delicious for your next recipe in the kitchen as well!

Porcelain Princess Pumpkin

A beautiful, luminous, creamy peach colour. It’s edible as well as ornamental. This beautiful pumpkin is often used in squash soup, even using it as a delicious, edible serving platter!

Rascal Pumpkin

Peachy green with pink undertones. Excellent for eating, the flesh is absolutely delicious!

Autumn Frost Pumpkins

Ornamental Squash

Autumn Frost Winter Squash

This squash, that looks like an ornamental pumpkin boasts a dark tan with frosted overlay look. It is similar in taste to a butternut squash with rich flavour.

Autumn Crown Pumpkin / Squash

This is one of the prettiest squashes available! Excellent eating quality, tasting very much like the butternut squash in flavour.


Ranging from Galaxy Of The Stars Gourds, Autumn Wings, Daisy Mix and Harrowsmith varieties.
A medley of green, orange and white ribbed/stripped colouring. These small to medium sized gourds come in a variety of unique shapes making a great focal point to your festive displays and décor this Fall.

White Pumpkins

White Pumpkins

Blanco, School House White Pumpkin

Small and round carving pumpkin in a stunning luminous white colour.

Baby Boo Flat White Pumpkin

Flat white in colour, smallest of the white pumpkins, great for decorating.

Casperita Flat White Pumpkin

Small, luminous white in colour and is a great addition to your table setting for the Fall season.

Pumpkin Patch in Surrey

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