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Climbing Clematis

Learn about vine climbing clematis with Laurelle

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Climbing Clematis at Art's Nursery

Clematis is a really easy vine to grow in your garden. These climbing vine plants can grow in any garden that has between four and six hours of sun. They can even go in a bright north-facing area. If you have good well-draining soil, something for them to climb on or climb over is great too! Alternatively, they can even be treated as a ground cover.

If you don't have a trellis, they are a nonstrangling vine and will happily clamber through a shrub if you don't give them a trellis. They will reward you with seasons of blooms.

With clematis pruning you don't have to panic you just need to remember that if you do nothing at all, your clematis will grow and you'll have tons of blooms.

If you accidentally prune it back to the ground, they will still grow and they will still have beautiful blooms and they might be a little bit later in the season.

Pruning Group A Clematis

An example of pruning group A Clematis, is our Clematis Montana. These will bloom on one year old wood. So you don't want to give them a hard pruning in the winter time because you're not going to have any of the spring blooms.
Pruning Group A will bloom in the early spring. So you want to do a light pruning. Just after they bloom, if you need to prune them at all, you can do a little bit of cleanup.

Pruning Group B Clematis

These will actually bloom on old wood as well as young wood. So what you get is you have a bloom a little bit later in Spring they take a little bit of a break and then you have a bloom again later summer into fall. If you want to do some pruning on these, you can do an alternate thinning prune, every second year you can prune them back to the ground if you want or you can just do a little bit of a cleanup prune after each bloom, so it's no big deal there.

Pruning Group C Clematis

Pruning Group C Clematis are very easy to live with. These are ones that you can plant in late winter, early spring cut them right back to the ground. These will bloom on new wood. If you don't do that, if you want them to grow a little bit higher than you would normally have them grow. They will actually start pushing out their growth right at the end of where they finished last season. So if you want to get them higher than you normally would let them go and they'll just keep growing higher and higher but with these guys you'll have the blooms on the top. If you want to prune them back to the ground each year. You can have sort of their six to eight foot growth and you'll have more evenly distributed flowers on pruning Group C.

Clematis are really easy to live with. If you have a really hot site they appreciate their feet being kept cool and their tops being kept in the sun, you will often hear people suggest putting rocks or a shrub in front of the plants. They would actually appreciate if it's a very very hot spot at least the the first three feet of them being sort of cool and shady.

If you've got a really blazing hot site. Otherwise they're really easy to live with.
They can take up to minus 30 degrees Celsius. If you're in a colder area, I would suggest going with pruning Group C. So something that can die back to the ground or you can cut back to the ground late winter, and then you'll still get your blooms a little bit later in the summer.

Enjoy these beautiful, really easy to live with, as a privacy on a trellis, giving you some colour in your cottage garden or even as a ground cover. Try one of these babies out!

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