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If you're not able to shop in-store or are concerned about social distancing, let us know what you are looking for and we'll take care of the rest! Submit your shopping list and our staff will check availability and if you choose, hand pick the best ones we've got for you.

We'll get them prepared and have them ready for you to pick-up or we'll help you arrange delivery. We'll give you a call as soon as your order is ready and load them into your vehicle. Plant shopping couldn't be any easier!

Please Note!

Please be patient with us as we are operating on skeleton-crew at the nursery given the current health crisis. Our goal is to get you a response within 24 hours

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A visual inventory of some of the items currently available

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Some of the most commonly purchased items are listed below. We have many more items in-store and in-stock. Call 604.882.1201 to confirm pricing / availability.

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Bagged Soils / Manures / Mulches

Arts Super Soil 40L6.98
SeaSoil 32L7.98
SeaSoil Container 52L12.98
Promix Potting Soil 28L9.98
Promix Potting Herb & Veg Soil 28L9.98
Promix Mini Bale Potting Soil24.98
Promix HP Big Bale39.98
Mushroom Manure3.98
Steer Manure3.98
Red Bark Mulch 40L5.98
Black Bark Mulch 40L5.98

Fertilizers & Amendments

Bonemeal 1.8kg9.98
Transplant Liquid Fertilizer9.98
Triple 17+Iron Evergreen & Lawn Fertilzer29.98

Gardening Tools & Supplies

Coming Soon

Plants, Seeds & Bulbs

Coming Soon

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Our staff will review your shopping list and determine if the items are in-stock or need to be sourced. For the FREE service, We'll check availability, determine pricing and contact you on how you wish to proceed. For the Order Option, we'll contact you to arrange for pre-payment and then prepare the order. You'll be notified when the order will be ready for pickup or delivery

We strive to contact you about your shopping list within the next 24-48 hours

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