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Size:2GPackage:Landscape Pot
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Vitis 'Soverign Coronation'

Coronation Blue Table Grape -Seedless

2G Landscape Pot
Medium-size round grapes are dark blue and virtually seedless. A distinctive sweet musky taste makes it a perfect grape for fresh eating. Ripens in early to midsummer. Ornamental foliage adds extra interest.
Great edible vine, fall colour. Grows relatively quickly so covers areas well.
Grapes are normally trained with one vertical trunk and four horizontal canes (4 arm kniffen system) on a system of posts and wires. Often grapes are grown as an edible ornamental vine, and can be trained on an arbour. Once the framework is established, prune the four side canes to total of 50 buds. leave a few buds spurs on the trunk near the wires to produce next years crop. After the first two years your grape vines will need to be pruned annually in March or early April. Remember that fruit is produced on current seasons growth, so without lots of new shoots you will not get a crop. Grape vines must be pruned hard every year. Remember that the largest grape bunches that ripen first and test the sweetest are produced close to the main trunk. Grape bunches at the end of long canes are smaller and later to mature. Generally, the best buds for fruit production on a cane are the sixth through twelfth buds. Buds after that are not as productive and should be pruned back, unless you need them to provide stabilization on the trellis. Don't forget the basics, prune out dead or damaged wood after the winter, and prune to allow good air flow and maximum light to potential fruit! Mix in compost or rich soil at time of planting. Grow in well drained soil as heavy clay bases soils will delay ripening. Fertilize with fruit & berry food, or choose a well balanced organic fertilizer that will encourage flowers and thus fruit.

Plant Attributes:

Genus: Vitis
Foliage: Deciduous
Exposure/Light: Sun
Moisture/Soil: Well Drained
Bloom Time: Spring
Bloom Color: White
Growth Habit/Shape: Climbing
Growth Rate: Fast
Hardiness: 4


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