Obsessed with succulents? We are too! Succulents are a huge trend in gardening, and for very good reason. These low maintenance beauties require bright, direct light, minimal water and little else. Available in a wide variety of gorgeous textures, interesting shapes, and a rainbow of colours, they are guaranteed to create a stunning display in sunny locations. 

Succulents grow in dry, desert locations and can retain water in their thick and fleshy leaves. The term succulent is used for any plant that has adapted to survive in arid sunny conditions. 

Art’s Nursery sells a huge variety of succulents along with all the supplies you need to create your own garden or container.

How to Care for Succulents

Follow these easy guidelines to keep all your succulent plants happy and thriving. Think desert-like conditions!


  • Succulents require good drainage so using a succulent specific potting mix is ideal.
  • These mixes are light and fluffy ensuring the soil does not hold on to excess water, which can cause your succulent plants to rot.
  • Choosing a container with a hole in the bottom can help to improve drainage.  


  • Place in bright direct light - at least 6-8 hours of full sun a day. Succulents will often stretch when placed in inadequate light. 


  • Succulents are uniquely adapted to deal with drought, so water only when the soil has completely dried out.
  • Don’t ever let the roots stand in water. These plants thrive on neglect!  


  • Feed your plants with fertilizer during the growing season, generally spring and summer.  
  • In the winter, cut back on both feeding and watering.

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