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Pieris taiwanensis 'Snowdrift'

Snowdrift Taiwanese Pieris

1G Landscape Pot
Class: evergreen
A profusion of erect white flowers lay over a tightly-branched mound. Young foliage is bronze red turning green. This is a popular shrub for a rich show of winter buds.
Like other members of the Erica Family, pieris prefers moist, but well drained acidic soils. While it tolerates full sun in our climate, it tends to grow better in part sun to part shade. Will benefit from a mid-spring application of compost. Protect it from cold winters and extreme winter temperatures. Seldom requires pruning except to remove dead, damaged or diseased wood. Lightly cut back spent flowers or straggly branches to maintain appearance. Best to not let it dry out during the hot summer months


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Plant Attributes:

Exposure/Light:Sun to Part Shade
Bloom Time:Spring
Bloom Color:White
Growth Habit/Shape:Bush Form
Growth Rate:Average


Size:1GPackage:Landscape Pot
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