COVID-19 Safety Plan

As an essential agriculture-based business, Art's Nursery has taken many steps to protect the safety of our staff and guests. As we are predominantly outdoors, many of our actions have revolved around social distancing and traffic flow. With that said, many other precautions have also been implemented. These precautions are divided into the following groups:
  • Traffic Control
  • Public Awareness & Signage
  • Social Distancing
  • Sanitation
  • Use of PPE's

Traffic Control

Art's Nursery is a 10.5 acre retail farm operation with approximately 50-70 parking spots available at any given time. Given an average of two people per car, we expect there to be between 9-13 people per ACRE at capacity. On exceptionally busy weekends, we limit access to the parking lot and have hired trained traffic control personnel to manage the flow. Entrances and exits are marked to facilitate the flow of customers.


Signs have been put up in high traffic / congested areas to remind guests and staff to practice social distancing. Signs are also present in staff only areas (ie lunchroom) to remind staff of social distancing & hygiene requirements

Social Distancing

Given our mostly outdoor facility, social distancing has been our prime safety tool. These strategies includes: Signage, One-Way Shopping, Category Spacing, Staff Only Access, Re-Configured Cash Registers, Sneeze Guards and more.

One Way Shopping

In more enclosed areas, for example Annuals & Bedding Plants, we have implemented a one-way shopping pattern to help manage social distancing.

Category Spacing

Certain high demand categories like seeds, bulbs & edibles have been moved from their regular locations into more 'spread-out locations' to further allow better customer spacing and traffic management.

Staff Only Access To Specific Areas

Indoor areas of our nursery were closed March 23, 2020 with access limited to staff only. On May 9th, certain indoor areas have re-opened with strict access limits and controls. For example, Indoor Tropicals and Gift

Indoor Access Controls

Access to our indoor tropicals and gift boutique is permitted as of May 8, 2020. Access to this 7500 sq ft area is limited to a maximum of 14 guests at a time using an 'Access Pass' system. Customers are asked to wait in queue for a guest to leave the area before additional people are allowed to enter. A single entrance and exit system is also present to allow for monitoring and control of the space.

Re-Configured Cash Queue System

Our normal cash register / front end system was modified in March to an outdoor only format.
All indoor cash registers were moved outdoors to allow for better social distancing and maximize air flow.
Pylons are positioned with 6ft spacing in a single line that breaks into multiple, well seperated cash stations

Loading Procedures

Staff are still available to help customers load their purchases into vehicles but we ask customers to either self-service, or allow our staff to help, but not both

Sneeze Guards

All high traffic locations like Cash stations have or are in the process of having plexi-glass sneeze guards installed to protect staff and customers

Frequent Sanitation Procedures

Golf Carts

Golf carts were removed from public use on March 23, 2020. Golf carts are sanitized regularly and are still available for landscape trade and staff use upon request.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts are sanitized after each and every use to minimize the risk of infection. A cart return location is present in the parking lot. Returned carts are sanitized by staff and then returned to designated 'Clean Cart' locations inside the nursery. Additional staff have been assigned to monitor, clean and inform customers of our shopping cart procedures.

Cash Register Sanitation

At the present time we acept cash or card payments via stripe, chip or tap. All Debit/Credit pin pads are sanitized after each and every use. Cash register stations are sanitized regularly including before and after a staff change. Hand sanitizer is available at each and every cash station

Hand Sanitizer Availability

Multiple locations throughout the nursery has hand sanitizer or soap available for public use including washrooms, cash stations and our main store.

Washrooms & Public Facilities

Washroom facilities are sanitized on a regular basis. Specific washrooms have been re-assigned as staff only facilities to minimize the likelyhood of cross-contamination

Frequently Used Objects

All frequently used objects like door knobs, light switches, telephones, computer keyboards etc are sanitized on a regular basis, each and every day.

Use of PPEs

Staff and customers are encouraged to use all appropriate non-medical Personel Protective Equipment including gloves, masks and other devices to minimize the likelyhood of spread.

More Information

As you would expect, Art's Nursery is committed to the safety of our staff and customers. We are learning, adapting and implementing all best health practices as they become known. If you have any comments or questions please contact us at 604.882.1201 or via email at

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