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Michelle Selby

Michelle's love of gardening has been passed down to me by my mother and grandmother. It blossomed about 30 years ago with the purchase of my home and birth of children. Teaching her family about where their food came from, led her to an interest in fruit, vegetables and berries.

Hiking and bird watching led her into the world of fauna attracting shrubs and perennials. Planning a garden for nature and all its surprises.

Michelle worked with Green Links at Douglas College developing native garden and nature friendly habitats. She ran an environmental group for children for 10 years, teaching them the importance of keeping our wildlife safe and planting trees, shrubs, and plants to help their existence.

As a trained beautician Michelle's eye is always looking for the beauty in form, texture and colour. When picking material for a garden my concerns are to create harmony and showcase specimens to their optimum potential.

She has worked in the industry for the last 15 years and has taken numerous courses to learn more about the horticulture world. Not to mention the many years of practical experience gleamed directly from other horticulturists in the field.

Michelle is the self-avowed queen of vines, also loves plants that entice the senses, movement, textures, smells and visuals. She especially finds unique and different specimens intriguing.

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