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Garden Pro Aluminum Sulphate Soil Acidifier #12055 

Garden Pro Aluminum Sulphate Soil Acidifier

Garden Pro Aluminum Sulphate Soil Acidifier is for acid loving plants like Begonias, Blueberries, Dogwoods, Hydrangeas, Rhodos, Azaleas and others. Can also be used to modify the colour of some hydrangeas

2kg PRD $12.98
Orgunique Soil Acidifier 1200g #11930 

Orgunique Soil Acidifier 1200g

Orgunique Soil Acidifier 1.2 kg is a soil amender to help acid loving plants like Blueberries, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Heather, Camellias and Hellebores perform better. Acidic soils promote blue flowers in bigleaf hydrangeas. Soil acidifier lowers soil pH with fast acting sulphur pellets. Vegetables and flowers will also benefit from application if your soil is Alkaline (pH 7 or higher). Sulphur is also an essential mineral of rplant growth and enhances the efficiency of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. 1.2 kg covers 20-30 sq metres or apply 1-2 tsp per plant on soil and soil-less surface and water in. Reapply in 1-2 months if soil needers further adjustment. To measure soil, use a soil tester also available at Arts Nursery. Guaranteed Analysis 0-0-0-90s. 1.2 kg Size.

1.2kg PRD $7.98

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