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Corona CT-3050l Weeder #11274 

Corona CT-3050l Weeder

The Corona CT-3050I is a light weight, one-piece, polished aluminum alloy weeder. Red cushioned, comfortable grip makes it easy to spot in the garden. An ideal tool for digging or weeding. Thin and narrow to allow access to tight spaces.

PRD $7.98
Corona CT-3750 eGrip Weeder #11277 

Corona CT-3750 eGrip Weeder

The Corona CT-3750 eGrip Weeder features a cast aluminum serrated blade for cutting roots and bag ripper feature. Thin blade provides access to tight spots in the garden. Ergonomically designed grip could be one of the most comfortable in the garden.  An excellent tool for every gardener.

PRD $8.98
Corona CT-4460 eWeeder #11280 

Corona CT-4460 eWeeder

The Corona CT-4460 eSolutions Weeder and Knife Hand tool is built from light-weight cast aluminum and features a non-glare satin finish. Serrated blade on one side helps remove roots and weeds while digging is made easy by the comfortale eSolutions grip maximizes power and comfort while minimizing hand stress. Durable and rust resistant. Versatile, multi-purpose tool for the home gardener.

PRD $11.98
Holland Greenhouse Plus G000157G Hand Weeder #11293 

Holland Greenhouse Plus G000157G Hand Weeder

The Holland Greenhouse Plus G000157G hand weeder is an easy to use hand tool for eliminating those pesky, unwanted weeds from your garden. Tap root puller is a great way to get rid of dandelions and other plants with long central roots. Molded orange and black handle provides comfort during use. Powder coated metallic finish.

PRD $3.98
Holland Greenhouse Pro G000169G Aluminum Weeder #11303 

Holland Greenhouse Pro G000169G Aluminum Weeder

The Holland Greenhouse Pro G000169G Aluminum Weeder is a great tool for eliminating those pesky weeds from your garden. Sculpted head and tap root puller help get rid of unwanted members in your yard or garden. Light-weight. Molded gray and black handle provides comfort during use. Those weeds don't have a chance!

PRD $7.98
Rhonda DeeWeeder Gardening Tool #11978 

Rhonda DeeWeeder Gardening Tool

The Rhonda DeeWeeder Gardening tool is a unique weeding tool imported from France. A very versatile tool for removing weeds and unwanted grass with justa  simple back and forth movement. Recycles soil from weed roots. Hoes and cultivates. Mixes and spreads. Can even be used as a light weight edging tool. Rakes and cleans too! The Deeweeder is very light and is excellent fro the maintenance of flower beds and gardens. Made from aluminum so it will not rust.

PRD $21.98

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