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Agave americana #19395  Century Plant

Agave americana

The largest and most majestic of the native Texas agaves, Agave americana often grows as tall as 6 feet. Its leaves are gray-blue to blue-green with spines at the tips and on the margins; the older leaves often gracefully arch down.

List of plants in genus: Agave
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Agave 'Baja' #5312  Baja Agave

Agave 'Baja'

This dwarf form has attractive blue grey foliage colour, with fine teeth on outer edge of leaves. It has been known to take light frost, but is probably best as a container plant, then protected for winter.

List of plants in genus: Agave
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Agave parryi var. 'Cream Spike' #11513  Cream Spike Agave

Agave parryi var. 'Cream Spike'

A small rosette-forming succulent that grows to only 4 inches tall. Olive green leaves margined with cream-colored edges and dark brown spines. The margins occasionally have a seasonal slight flush of red.

List of plants in genus: Agave
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Agave parryi var. truncata #6314  Artichoke Agave

Agave parryi var. truncata

Dense, symmetrical rosettes of wide blue-gray leaves are abundant, developing large clumps. Bloom spikes emerge from older rosettes, which die after flowering - the plant is perpetuated by "pups" or offshoots.

List of plants in genus: Agave
2G POT $39.98

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