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Thigmotrope Airplant Wall Mount #12032 

Thigmotrope Airplant Wall Mount

The Thigmotrope Airplant Wall Mount is a unique, one of a kind product.  It is a beautiful tool for creating indoor vertical gardens. Simply screw the thigmotrope into a wall either horizontal or vertical and place an airplant (tillandsia) between the three prongs.  Made of steel, durable and long lasting. A fabulous way of creating living art in your home. Also known as a Thigmotrope Satellite.

PRD $8.98
Tillandsia bergeri - Small #19504  Berger AirPlant Small

Tillandsia bergeri - Small

Tillandsia bergeri. This species offsets every year, thereby growing into a large clump faster than any other Tillandsia. It is one that likes a significant amount of moisture. Pay attention to when the leaves curl up toward each other more than normal - it means it needs a good submerging. Stiff foliage. Small

List of plants in genus: -1
Small PRD $3.98
Tillandsia bulbosa - Medium #19510  Bulbous Airplant Medium

Tillandsia bulbosa - Medium

Tillandsia bulbosa is one of the most popular species. Leaves are bright green and twisting. Edges of the sheaths may be edged in purple. When in bloom, the entire upper part of the plant becomes bright red in order to attract pollinators like Hummingbirds. Medium. Airplant

List of plants in genus: Tillandsia
Medium PRD $8.98
Tillandsia houston Cotton Candy - Large #19508  Cotton Candy Houston Airplant

Tillandsia houston Cotton Candy - Large

Tillandsia houston Cotton Candy. Leaves are frosty, silvery gray and softer than T. Houston. Flower is bright rose pink. Large. Airplant

List of plants in genus: Tillandsia
PRD $15.98
Tillandsia ionantha var fuego - Large #19506  Fuego AirPlant Large

Tillandsia ionantha var fuego - Large

Tillandsia ionantha var fuego is a wonderful colourful form of T. ionantha. Brilliant red when blooming. Uniquely different shape. Large. Airplant

List of plants in genus: -1
Large PRD $5.98
Tillandsia magnusiana - Medium #19505  Magnus Airplant Medium

Tillandsia magnusiana - Medium

Tillandsia magnusiana is native to Southern Mexico and Central America. Soft, silvery glaucous foliage with a bright red flowerspike and violet bloom. Medium. Airplant

List of plants in genus: -1
Medium PRD $6.98

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