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Blackberry Navajo #9325  Navajo Thornless Blackberry

Blackberry Navajo

Thornless variety. Berries are sweet and juicy and great for eating fresh, cooking or preserves.

List of plants in genus: Rubus
1G POT $8.98
Dahlia Blackberry Ripple Tuber #19866  Blackberry Ripple Dahlia Tuber

Dahlia Blackberry Ripple Tuber

Dahlia Blackberry Ripple is a giant dinnerplate cactus dahlia that is great for cut flowers. Blooms are striped and speckled in shades of white, red and purple. Flowers in summer. Grows to a height of 44 inches. Plant in full sun after all chance of frost has passed. 1 tuber

List of plants in genus: Dahlia
1 Tuber PRD $3.98
Dahlia Blackberry Wine Colourful Companions Pack #12967 

Dahlia Blackberry Wine Colourful Companions Pack

Dahlia Blackberry Wine is a colourful companion pack of two different coloured dahlias, a wine red variety and a white with speckled variety. Both are cactus-type for great garden and flower arrangement effect. Reaches a height of 40 inches. 3 tubers.

List of plants in genus: -1
3 Tubers PKG $9.98
Rubus 'Black Satin' #9804  Black Satin Thornless Blackberry

Rubus 'Black Satin'

This thornless, heat tolerant Blackberry is a prolific producer of smooth, deliciously sweet, deep blue-black fruits. Semi-erect canes, yielding a reliable crop of large, juicy blackberries each season.

List of plants in genus: Rubus
1G POT $8.98
Rubus 'Darrow' #8507  Darrow Blackberry

Rubus 'Darrow'

Ultra-vigorous and also self-pollinating. Choose a sunny, well-drained spot for your patch and amend the soil with compost. Keep ‘Darrow’ watered during dry spells, mulch well and prune regularly.

List of plants in genus: Rubus
1G POT $8.98
Rubus x 'APF-236T' #18243  Baby Cakes Thornless Dwarf Blackberry

Rubus x 'APF-236T'

A darling blackberry perfect for patio gardens and small spaces. Yields wonderfully sweet, large berries in mid-summer. Cooler summer regions will enjoy a second crop in the fall. A wonderful dwarf, thornless plant with a rounded growth habit perfect for containers.

List of plants in genus: Rubus
2G POT $39.98
Thornless Boysen Trailing Blackberry #5359  Thornless Boysenberry

Thornless Boysen Trailing Blackberry

Very large, sweet, juicy, full-bodied flavor. Good for fresh eating, freezing, jams, preserves, pastries, juice, syrup, and wine. Requires winter protection below 0 degrees F., hardy in zones 5-9.

List of plants in genus:
1G POT $9.98

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