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Dahlia Cactus Mix Tubers #23451  Cactus Mix Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia Cactus Mix Tubers

Colourful mix of Cactus Dahlias. Dazzling blooms are comprised of many slender, pointed petals that give the flower a spiky look. Summer flowering. 3 tubers.

List of plants in genus: Dahlia
3 Tubers PRD $12.98
Date Updated : 2/21/2018
Haworthia attenuata #18792  Zebra Cactus

Haworthia attenuata

Tender evergreen. Stemless succulent has upright narrow dark green leaves with horizontal white bands. Water only occasionally - do not over water.

List of plants in genus: Hakonechloa
4in POT $9.98
Date Updated : 9/29/2016
ProMix Premium Cactus Mix Soil 1kg #22616 

ProMix Premium Cactus Mix Soil 1kg

ProMix Premium Cactus Mix Soil is ideal for planting cactus, succulents, tropicals and any other plants needing very good drainage. Provides good air porosity and fast water draining. Includes Mycorrhizae beneficial fungus for 20 percent bigger plants. Feeds for up to 3 months. Formulated from Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, peat humus, lime, organic fertilizer sand and GHA297 Mycorrhizae

1kg PRD $4.98
Date Updated : 8/4/2017

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