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Bac Lieu Heirloom Vietnamese Cilantro Seeds #12613 

Bac Lieu Heirloom Vietnamese Cilantro Seeds

The flavour of fast growing Bac Lieu Vietnamese Cilantro is mild and delicate with an extra citrus twist. The plants resember regular cilantro but the foliage is topped with fine cut, frilly leaves. Enjoy at every growth stage, as Bac Lieu plants hold their delicious flavour even as they mature and begin to flower. Sprigs of leaves are traditionally harvested while young and tender and served on a platter so individual dines can add to taste for extra savor throughout the meal. Full sun.

List of plants in genus: -1
2.5g PRD Please call or visit for price
Cilantro Seeds #12259 

Cilantro Seeds

This Cilantro is a bolt-resistant variety. The parsley-like leaves, stems and roots are use in many global cuisines. The mature seeds, also known as Coriander, can also be harvested. With a bit of cover, it will easily over-winter. Fast growing so plant successive crops. Grows to a height of 50cm (20 inches). Approximately 68 seeds per pack.

List of plants in genus:
PKG $2.99
Cilantro Seeds Burpee #12309 

Cilantro Seeds Burpee

Cilantro is used in oriental, mexican and mediterranean dishes. When mature, citrus flavoured seeds (Coriander) can be used in sausages, marinades, curry powder and pastries. Annual. Sow outdoors in full sun after danger of frost. Harvest in 60 days.

List of plants in genus:
1.2g $1.99
Heirloom Cilantro Seeds #12611 

Heirloom Cilantro Seeds

Heirloom Cilantro seeds produce plants that are fast-growing with lacey green leaves with a fresh, spicy-sharp flavour.Cilantro goes quickly so plant repeatedly for continuous crops. Keep it well watered. Fragrant round seeds called Coriander can also be harvested. Full sun.

List of plants in genus: -1
2.5g PRD $3.99
Slow Bolt Cilantro Seeds #12612 

Slow Bolt Cilantro Seeds

Slow Bolt Cilantro Seeds produce plants that hold in leaf better than other strains, but plan on making several sowings for a constant fresh supply, as plants flower and make seed quickly and the lacy green leaves don't dry well. If your plants do flower, scatter their spicy blossom florets in salads. The delicious spicy pungency of fresh cilantro is essential in salsa and most Mexican dishes or in piquant Southeast Asian cooking. Full sun.

List of plants in genus: -1
2g PRD $2.99

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