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Arisaema griffithi #24604  Pradhan's Cobra Lily

Arisaema griffithi

Prized for the more prominent yellow striping on the spathe. Its thread-like "tongue" can reach 18" long.

List of plants in genus: Arisaema
2G POT $39.98
Arisaema grifithii Root #19945  Cobra Lily Root

Arisaema grifithii Root

Arisaema grifithii, or Cobra lily is a rare and hard to source shade perennial ideal for woodlands or mixed borders. It is deer resistant and grows to 24 inches in height. Flowers in late spring. Plant in full to part shade. 2 Roots

List of plants in genus: -1
2 Roots PRD $9.98
Arisaema sikokianum 'Silver Feathers' #10774  Japanese Cobra Lily

Arisaema sikokianum 'Silver Feathers'

Dramatic silver feather patterns in the center of each leaflet. The flower is a purple-black pitcher with white stripes and a greenish inside, the spadix is large, white and mushroom-like.

List of plants in genus: Arisaema
1G POT $49.98
Arisaema speciosum #24605  Double Wip Cobra Lily

Arisaema speciosum

It has a dark purple to chocolate spathe striped or marked white. The mottled or purple-blotched leaf stem bears a huge tropical-looking shiny palmate leaf, divided to look a bit like three leaves with reddish brown margins.

List of plants in genus: Arisaema
2G POT $39.98
Arisaema speciousum Root #19944  Giant Cobra Lily Root

Arisaema speciousum Root

Arisaema speciousum, or Giant Cobra Lily, is a rare and hard to find perennial that flowers in late spring. Grows to a height of 30 inches and is great for mixed borders. Deer resistant. Plant in full to part shade. 2 roots

List of plants in genus: Abelia
2 Roots PRD $9.98

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