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Double Galanthus 'Flore Plena' Snowdrop #11396  Floreo Plena Double Snowdrop

Double Galanthus 'Flore Plena' Snowdrop

Double petals of white and green these darlings of the spring garden are one of the most popular early blooming bulb varieties. Snowdrops grow well under trees. 5 bulbs per pack.

List of plants in genus: Galanthus
5 bulbs PKG $5.98
Galanthus 'Elwesii' Bulbs #18555  'Elwesii' Single Snowdrop Galanthus Bulbs

Galanthus 'Elwesii' Bulbs

Elwesii, a Herald of Spring, is a very early blooming flower. The pure white flowers are pendulous and bell-shaped and are held on dark green stems. Plant in clusters for a large impact. Deer resistant and great for naturalizing.

List of plants in genus: Galanthus
10 bulbs PKG $7.98
Galanthus 'Mount Everest' Bulbs #22544  Mount Everest Snowdrop Double Galanthus Bulbs

Galanthus 'Mount Everest' Bulbs

Lovely snowdrop with large blooms and strappy leaves. Grows best in part shade locations. Great for containers and flower beds. Early to mid-spring. Deer resistant.

List of plants in genus: Galanthus
5 bulbs PKG $5.99
Galanthus 'Woronowii' Snowdrop #11398  Woronowii Snowdrop

Galanthus 'Woronowii' Snowdrop

This snowdrop has broader leaves that stay fresh longer than other varieties, making it a lovely ground cover long after the flower is gone. Plant in drifts and allow them to spread.

List of plants in genus: Galanthus
10 bulbs PKG $6.98
Mammoth Pack Galanthus 'Snowdrop Single' Bulbs #11263  Snowdrop Single Galanthus Bulbs

Mammoth Pack Galanthus 'Snowdrop Single' Bulbs

Mammoth packs contain the most popular varities available.These hardy ‘Snowdrop’ galanthus bulbs grow to be pendulous, bell-shaped white flowers. They naturalize well when in optimum growing conditions by self seeding. Bloom in early spring and can grow to be up tp 4" tall.

List of plants in genus: Galanthus
20 bulbs PKG $9.99

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