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Kalanchoe lucaie 'Flapjacks' #11696  Paddle Plant

Kalanchoe lucaie 'Flapjacks'

This succulent has been likened to clam shells, because of the shape of the basal rosette. The leaves are covered with a gray bloom and the leaf margin takes on a reddish hue during cooler winter months.

List of plants in genus: Kalanchoe
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Kalanchoe thyrsiflora 'Desert Rose' #26251  Desert Rose Paddle Plant

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora 'Desert Rose'

Noted for its distinctive round foliage, this succulent has chalky blue-green leaves tinged with red. Color intensifies in full sun. Clusters of yellow flowers on spikes appear on mature plants. Provides dramatic color and texture in rock gardens or xeriscapes.

List of plants in genus: Kalanchoe
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Kalanchoe tomentosa #18498  Panda plant

Kalanchoe tomentosa

This tender evergreen succulent has fuzzy gray leaves and grren-yellow bell shaped flowers. Water only occasionally - do not over water.

List of plants in genus: Kalanchoe
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