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Gustus Brussel Sprout Seeds #12248 

Gustus Brussel Sprout Seeds

Gustus Brussel Sprouts are early maturing with medium green, firm, button-like sprouts that are evenly spaced and well formed. Gustus is noted for fine flavour and for sprouts forming higher up the stalk. Allow lots of space for these big plants to grow. Matures in 110-120 days. F1. Approximately 35 seeds per pack

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PKG $4.95
Roodnerf Brussel Sprout Seeds #12249 

Roodnerf Brussel Sprout Seeds

roodnerf Brussel Sprouts are one of the few open pollinated Brussel Sprouts left. Roodnerf was bred in England for reliable and uniform cold hardiness. Medium-tall plants yield stalks of plump green sprouts. Choose Roodnerf if you are anxious to save seeds. Matures in 100 days. OP. Approximately 75 seeds per pack.

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PKG $3.19
Zesty Mix Sprout Seeds Burpee #12431 

Zesty Mix Sprout Seeds Burpee

Zesty Mix Sprout Seeds are a tasty, tangy mix containing equal parts of Alfalfa, Broccoli, Cress and Radish. Sow and grow by spreading seeds evenly in a sprouter or shallow container. Keep moist. Harvest in 5 days

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28g $2.49

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