10 Great Tips For Delightful Daffodils

DaffodilsAs far as bulbs go, Daffodils (narcissus) are always on my list of favourites. 

Mainly because they bloom early, are so incredibly cheerful and are so easy to plant and care for. 

Here are my 10 great tips for planting daffodils:

  1. They are easy to plant, just dig a larger hole, at a depth about 2-3 inches deeper than the width of the bulb.  Plant it pointy side up, cover, and wait for the ‘party’ in spring!
  2. Daffodils will naturalize over time so leave a bit of space between bulbs, about 4-6inches, this will allow room for growth.
  3. Plant them in groups, one pattern that works well, is planting the bulbs in a pattern, similar to the number 5 on a dice.  They will come up in a nice grouping, looking full.  Get creative and offset the pattern for a more natural look.  Plant them in groups of 5, 7, 9 or more!
  4. Plant in areas, were there are deciduous shrubs (Ones that lose their leaves), this will give interest in these areas, early in spring before they leaf out.
  5. After the daffodils bloom, it is important not to cut them back right away.  You can cut the flower stalks down, but leave the other leaves as they will continue to create food for the bulbs, making the bulbs more productive for the following year. 
  6. The leaves can look unattractive, and will eventually yellow.  Once they get to this stage, put up with them for a bit longer, (2-3 more weeks) then you can cut them back.
  7. It helps to companion plant.  Daylilies, peonies, and other attractive perennials are great options.  When they grow in the spring they will hide the unattractive foliage of the bulbs, and distract the eye to this new exciting emerging life in the garden!
  8. There are many varieties of daffodils, choose the ones that work best for your garden.  Various shades of yellow, white, or two toned, mini or large flowers, and tall or dwarf varieties.
  9. Don’t have much of a garden, or not enough room?  Plant them in a beautiful pot by the front door, layer them at different planting depths.  It’s okay, they will still come up and bloom.  The deeper planted ones will just be delayed, but it will create a pot that looks like it is flowering for a long time!
  10. If you really don’t like the ‘messy’ foliage after they bloom, you can cheat.  Plant the bulbs in a black medium to large nursery pot.  A #2 / #3 size is perfect.  Then put the whole pot in your garden.  Basically, plant it so you can’t see the pot.  After bloom, just lift and put behind the shed or in an area where you don’t have to view them as the foliage dies back!
Bone Meal and Bulb Food

A Bonus Tip!

When planting bulbs add Garden Pro Bulb food and/or Bonemeal into the planting hole.

Both of these products will create more and bigger flowers as they feed the bulb and promote root growth and development.

At Art’s we get in bulbs from Holland, as well as the local growers in the Fraser Valley.  Bradner bulbs are some of the best.  These local bulbs are big and beautiful.  This means strong plants and beautiful flowers in your yard next spring.  We have many varieties to choose from, here are just a few of the local favourites:

Our Favourite Local Varieties

Golden Ducat Daffodil Narcissus Golden Ducat
A local favorite that is double  flowering yellow yellow. It also has a split cup and is 14inches  tall

Daffodil Salome Narcissus Salome
An exclusive to you as it is no longer generally available.  A cupped white with a pink cup and is 16 inches tall

Daffodil Cheerfulness Narcissus Cheerfulness
A Poetaz narcissus that is multiflowering  and very fragrant. It is white petals and a creamy split cup. 16 inches  tall

Daffodil Clear Day Narcissus Clearday
An exclusive to you as well. Clearday is a  double flowering narcissus as well which is yellow yellow and an orange split  cup. Very nice! 16 inches tall

Daffodil Gigantic Star

Narcissus Gigantic Star
You always need a classic King Alfred  type. This Trumpet yellow is the second largest bloom on the market and is  bright sunny yellow. 16 inches tall

A great resource for Bulbs is the new Dig Drop Done website. This fun and quirky website provides loads of information to both experience and novice bulb gardeners.


If you have any questions about daffodils or any other bulbs, come talk to one of Art's Nursery's talented horticulturists. They'd be happy to help pick the best varieties for your garden and provide expert advice. Hurry in for best selection.

Author: Rebecca van der Zalm Source: Arts Nursery Ltd.

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