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European Chafer Beetle & Nematodes
The European Chafer Beetle is an introduced species that wreaks havoc on lawns. The grub itself likes to eat the roots of grasses and turf, destroying the plants. Learn more about this pest and how to combat it with the application of nematodes.
How to Grow Orchids
Orchids are one of the most unique flowers in the world with their elegance and simplicity. With exotic looking blooms and stunning colours, they are incredibly diverse with a beauty rarely matched.
How to Attract Beneficial Insects
Are unwanted pests eating away at the plants in your garden? Aphids, slugs, mites, mealybugs, thrips, whiteflies, to name just a few, can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked. Keep your garden healthy by encouraging beneficial insects to help control or suppress these pests naturally.
How to Grow Potatoes
Beneficial Insects
Beneficial insects
Make Your Own Fairy Garden
Make your own fairy garden.
How to Make Your Own Terrarium
Create your own miniature world full of lush and beautiful plants! Terrariums are low maintenance and easy make with just a few basic supplies.
How to Grow Succulents
Succulents are a huge trend in gardening, and for very good reason. They are low maintenance, can take the heat, and require minimal water. Available in a wide variety of striking textures, interesting shapes, and a rainbow of colours, they provide fabulous structure and create a stunning display in any sunny location.
How to Grow Citrus Trees
Growing citrus trees in your home not only adds lovely decor and provides fruit for the kitchen, they freshen the air too! Learn how to grow and care for your own citrus trees with this guide.
How to Grow Agave & Desert Plants
Cacti and agave are magnificent desert plants that come in a variety of distinguishing features and interesting shapes of all kinds. Here's a guide to growing and caring for cacti and agave in your garden and containers.

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