Gardening For Your Bath

Gardening For Your Bath Adding a touch of romance to your bath need not stop at the requisite candles! Fresh leaves and petals add a natural and whimsical element. Visually appealing, subtle rather than overpowering fragrance, bath additives from the garden can be just the thing after a long day! The following herbs are relatively easy to grow and wonderful for baths. They can be grown in pots on a balcony or in the garden, though I’d recommend relegating the mints to a container. · Peppermint, pineapple mint, chocolate mint, apple mint…sprinkle leaves, great for a pick-me-up. · Lemon balm · Lavender · Monarda (Bee Balm) · Sage · Fennel · Scented Geranium Flowers are a feast for the eyes and score high on the romance factor! · Rose petals, candles and wine…oh my! Be sure to use roses grown grown without pesticides, growing your own is surprisingly easy. Most roses grown in greenhouses for floristry uses are treated. There are a huge number of extremely fragrant, disease resistant, old-fashioned varieties that require very little care. You no longer have to have a PhD to own a rose. · Cherry, Apple, Plum blossoms…but don’t remove all of them, you might have a small harvest. · Magnolia petals…two or three in the bath are a nice touch. · Witch Hazel blossoms…my preference are the yellows…the burgundy versions look a little too much like spiders. · Lilac The possibilities are endless…let your imagination be your guide! Check out some herb or aromatherapy books at your local library. If you are making a bath for someone else (think brownie points), make sure you are aware of allergies. The nitty gritty: · Use clean, pesticide-free herbs and flowers that are non-toxic and safe for baths. · If you have allergies, consult with your doctor/allergist. · If you are pregnant, nursing, or using herbs in a bath for children check out the herb directory for recommendations on the website and/or consult your physician/naturopath. · Use herbs sparingly….add a small amount to the bath and keep extras in a nearby bowl if you want to add more. Enjoy! Laurelle
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