How To Plant Grow Dahlias, Part 11 Winter Storage

There are about as many methods for dahlia storage as there are growers. If your method works don't mess with it! Several tested methods are summarized below:
  1. You may leave dahlia clumps in the ground over winter and divide in the spring. This will only be successful where the ground does not freeze during the winter. Ground frost will certainly destroy any tubers left in the ground over winter.
  2. Dig in your dahlia tuber clumps along the footing of your home. In mild areas freshly dug tubers can be placed in a trench dug against the footing or basement wall of your home. Enough heat from the home will keep the tubers from freezing. To work best the soil should not become overly wet from winter rains.
  3. Wrapping divided tubers in kitchen type plastic wrap is a new and effective storage method. Follow this link for a more complete explanation of this method.
  4. Divided tubers can be packed in moist (not wet) sand in boxes or plastic pails. Large, plastic paint or adhesive pails are ideal. The pails with their dahlia tubers can be stored in a cool, dark location where they will be kept close to 5 degrees C (40 degrees F) until planting time.
One may wish to use vermiculite, wood shavings or peat moss in the place of sand for the storage process. You may wish to apply a fine dusting of sulfur powder to prevent mold problems.

Periodic checks should be made to be certain that your next year's planting stock is in good condition. Mold may indicate conditions are too wet or too warm. Drying of tubers will indicate that conditions are too dry. .

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