Product Spotlight Corn Gluten Meal

Frustrated with your weeds in your lawn but refuse to use 2,4 D and other herbicides?

Worried about the kids, pets, local bunnies and birds?

Maintaining a lush green lawn with deep roots to withstand cold winters and hot summers is a challenge. Just applying high numbered, fast release Nitrogen will encourage fast growing grass AND fast growing weeds! For a normal rate of growth for grass and to balance healthy microbial life in the soil, essential for the `good` bugs, and fungi, organic material, etc. the USE of slow release, organic Nitrogen for lawn food is preferred.

Within this option is CORN GLUTEN meal. 9 % slow release Nitrogen plus the added benefit of inhibiting the germination (sprouting) of weed seeds that are now blowing around your neighbourhood! Corn gluten will not kill established weeds but seeds do not like the presence of corn gluten. Think of it as WEED CONTROL.

Best applied 3 times a year, MARCH, MAY, JUNE or JULY. With a late spring, May is now the ideal time to get it on your lawn. Can also be mixed with mulch or your compost pile.

Compliment with other applications of lawn fertilizer as needed to keep lawn green, and to supply the other 2 major nutrients and minors, Phosphorus, Potassium and Fe.


Corn Gluten Meal and many other Orgunique products are available at Arts Nursery. Visit or call 604.882.1201 for more information.

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