Sarracenia Alata: Pitcher Plants

These carnivorous plants of the pitcher plant family are native to the southern United States, namely Louisiana, Georgia, Florida etc. Though native to warmer areas, these plants are very hardy and can easily withstand overnight freezes. If it freezes during the day also, I suggest putting them in a cool place such as a garage for a few days until the very cool weather subsides. Being a bog plant they must be moist at all times. Their pot should be placed in a saucer with 2 inches of water. If city water is used, leave it sit for two days to let the chlorine escape or use well or rain water. To re-pot, use 3 parts peat moss with one part sand, preferably course silica sand. In the winter these plants will go dormant, producing a none pitcher plant leaf, called phylodia. In the summer these plants need full sun and maximum warmth, preferably a sundeck. If going on vacation, put these plants in a higher bowl to pot height filled with water to keep them moist. You cannot over water or drown these plants. These plants will need re-potting every year or two to keep from becoming root bound. In April or May these plants will produce a spectacular yellow orchid-like bloom. Do not fertilize.

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