The Blessed Bee

This year (2010) on September 11th and 12th Art’s Nursery is lucky enough to have Brian Campbell, Master Bee Keeper with us.

Brian operates Blessed Bee, the first Community Supported Apiculture, where members can buy a ‘share’ of the years harvest as well as learn about bees and apiculture through newsletters and farm visits.

Brian is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bees and other pollinators. If you have questions about pollination, honey production, bees, wasps and other pollinators, bring them!! Brian will be happy to help!! He will also have honey and lavender infused honey for sale as well as seed balls and bee houses.

We have all heard the reports that bee populations are on the decline, but how does that affect us directly? In a recent article by Arlene Kroeker in Edible Vancouver Magazine, Brian says that “One out of every three bites we take depends on bees.” That is a pretty powerful statement.

Can we make a difference? You bet we can. What we don’t do will help as much as what we do.

For starters, no insecticides, fungicides, herbicides etc; bees have great sensitivities to chemicals.

Second, plant a bee buffet, multiple seasons of blooms, and increased use of native plants. Brian can tell you about some Bee favorites.

Third and my personal favorite, easy on the weeding and yard clean-up, there are many native weeds that are great food for many bee species, as well, many native bees make their homes in the hollow stems of spent perennials. Yay!! Erm, I mean sure, I can learn to live with that.

These points are just the tip of the iceberg, Brian will wow you as well as teach you with some more amazing Bee facts. Come and visit us on September 11th and 12th to learn more!

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