How To Grow Evergreen Azaleas

evergreen azalea

Evergreen Azaleas are excellent plants for the Pacific Northwest when given proper care. These plants keep their leaves all year long and are completely smothered in colourful blooms in min to late spring. Flower colours are typically red, crimson, purple, pink or white. These plants are closely related to Rhododendrons and should receive similar care. With that said, most Horticulturists agree that Evergreen Azaleas seem to be able to tolerate more direct sun than Rhododendrons.

Exposure / Light

Evergreen Azaleas are best suited for part sun and part shade though they will tolerate a significant amount of direct sun. A woodland environment or an area that receives morning sun is ideal.


Evergreen Azaleas prefer moist, but well drained soils. Like Rhododendrons, they are very shallow rooted and will benefit from an application of mulch. Acidic soil is prefered. Amend the soil with peat moss if your soil is not acidic. Avoid using bonemeal or lime near these plants. When planting, use a liquid transplant fertilizer instead. Their shallow roots also resent distrubance so avoid cultivating or digging too near.

Evergreen Azalea Pruning

These plants are generally low maintenance. Deadhead or remove flowers after they have finished blooming. Likewise, if required, prune after flowering. Pruning too late in the season will diminish next years blooms. An annual pruning or shearing will help keep the plants compact.

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