Bulk Top Soil

We carry four different types of bulk top soil for your garden or landscape at Art's Nursery. These range from the premium certified organic sea soil to our utilitarian top dress blend and our always popular garden mix soil.

All of our soils are green waste free meaning less weeds and less problems in the future. We take pride in the high quality soils we sell and source out only the best quality bulk materials for you.

Our soils are sold by the tractor scoop. Each tractor scoop is approximately 60% of a yard. Meaning, 2 scoops will give you a yard and some extra.

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Top Soil Options

Garden Mix Top Soil

Garden Mix Soil

This soil blend is ideal for a new garden. Lots of organic materials and nutrients makes it great for vegetable and flower gardens. This soil has a compost base and is blended with some sand. No green waste is used - less weeds & less problems!

Tractor Scoop: $36.00
Approx 60% of a yard

Organic Garden Mix Top Soil

Organic Garden Mix

Premium organic top soil containing fish meal, ultra-kelp, worm castings, alfalfa, composted fine bark, mushroom manure, and sourced low silt sand. Great for edible gardens and rejuvenating poor soils.

Tractor Scoop: $49.00
Approx 60% of a yard
Turf Mix Top Soil

Turf Blend

A mix of 51% composted manure and 49% sand with no added wood waste. Well drained blend perfect for new lawns and top dressing. Great for improving drainage.

Tractor Scoop: $30.00
Approx 60% of a yard

Organic Sea Soil

Certified Organic Sea Soil (Bagged Only)

Sea Soil is a composted fish and forest fines organic soil from Vancouver Island. It enhances your soil by adding nutrients and trace elements. Sea Soil increases organic content, is chemical free and retains moisture. Sea Soil is ideal for all types of garden applications including containers, beds, borders, lawns, veggie and herbs gardens and more. Visit the our seasoil page for more information.

Seasoil is now ONLY available in 32L Bags. We offer volume & full pallet pricing. Call 604.882.1201 for details

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To Order Top Soil:

Simply drop in with your truck and we'll load you on the spot. Alternately, we also offer soil delivery anywhere throughout Metro Vancouver at very reasonable rates. To order, please call us at 604.882.1201 during business hours.

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