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Organic Garden Mix Soil

Premium organic top soil containing fish meal, ultra-kelp, worm castings, alfalfa, composted fine bark, mushroom manure, and sourced low silt sand

$62.00 per scoop

Black Top

A combination of 50 percent mushroom manure and 50 percent aged black conditioning mulch

$32.00 per scoop

Mini Crush Gravel

Pea gravel sized multi-coloured angular rock

$48.00 per scoop

Garden Mix Top Soil

This soil blend is ideal for a new garden. Lots of organic materials and nutrients makes it great for vegetable and flower gardens

$44.00 per scoop

Red Fir Mulch

Like all mulches, this one keeps roots cool, retains moisture and helps suppress weeds. Its attractive red colour makes it ideal for gardening applications

$32.00 per scoop

3/4 Round Drain Rock

Smoother and rounder than Crush Gravel, this product is also great for drainage and for decorative applications and walkways

$65.00 per scoop

3/4 Clear Crush Gravel

Attractive and ideal for decorative applications. Crush gravel is great for use as drainage rock or for pathways

$46.00 per scoop

Aged Conditioning Mulch

This mulch has a deep auburn-black colour and is great for covering or mixing directly into heavy soils

$32.00 per scoop

Turf Blend Soil for Lawns

New Formulation. A very porous, free draining mix of approximately 70% sand and 30% organics with very little wood or bark. Well drained blend perfect for new lawns and top dressing. Price Per Scoop 55-65% Yard

$42.00 per scoop

Round Rock - Small

Approximately 1-3 inch round rock. Great for decorative applications, dry river beds or water features

$48.00 per scoop

Round Rock - Large

Approximately 3 inch to 6 inch round rock. Great for decorative applications

$58.00 per scoop

Washed Sand

Local sand. Makes an excellent base for stepping stones. Can be used for sandboxes or lawn drainage

$42.00 per scoop

Road Base

This combination of loose gravel and sand is ideal for building roads, paths or ground stabilization

$40.00 per scoop


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Once you place your order, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Click on the link to confirm the order. Thereafter, you will be contacted by our staff during regular business hours to verify the order, arrange payment and schedule the delivery.

Please Note:

Orders must be received and verified by our staff before 4:00pm to qualify for possible next day delivery. Next day delivery is subject to orders already in progress, driver availability and other factors. We will always do our best to accomodate reasonable requests!

Terms & Conditions

  • Our trucks can handle 1 or 2 materials per delivery
  • Weight distribution must be somewhat equal for safety
  • Max capacity 8-10 scoops depending on the material
  • Each scoop is approx 50-60% of a yard depending on material
  • Delivery is curbside. Material can be dropped only where the truck can safely access
  • Delivery times & dates are not guaranteed. We will do our best to accomodate all preferences
  • In case of price discrepancy, the instore price will be deemed to be correct
  • Prices and availability of materials subject to change without prior notice
  • Trucks may only unload on level ground. Please provide alternate arrangements for sloping driveways / hills
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