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Vitis vinifera 'Cabernet Sauvignon' #17790  Cabernet Sauvignon - Wine Grape

Vitis vinifera 'Cabernet Sauvignon'

One of the most widely recognized varieties, producing big clusters of tasty dark red grapes and superior wine. Cold hardy and disease resistant and easy to grow. The thick-skinned fruit is borne on twining stems, and resistant to rot and frost.

List of plants in genus: Vitis
1G POT $14.98
Vitis vinifera 'Pinot Gris' #17791  Pinot Gris - Wine Grape

Vitis vinifera 'Pinot Gris'

It is a grey/blue skinned grape variety of Vitis Vinifera used to make white wine. The Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris grape is made into a still dry wine. They can be medium to full bodied wines that are crisp (acidic) with hints of floral aromas.

List of plants in genus: Vitis
1G POT $14.98
Vitis vinifera 'Suffolk Red' #17789  Suffolk Red - Seedless Table Grape

Vitis vinifera 'Suffolk Red'

Open bunches of bright red fruits. The soft skins of this variety make the fruits almost melt in the mouth. With a sweet and fruity flavour, the fruits are literally bursting with juice. Also produces a good Autumn show as its foliage colours to rich ornages and reds. Self fertile.

List of plants in genus: Vitis
1G POT $14.98
Vitis vinifera 'White Riesling' #17792  White Riesling - Wine Grape

Vitis vinifera 'White Riesling'

Widely planted because of its high relative cold hardiness and the excellent quality of both still and sparkling wines made from its fruit.

List of plants in genus: Vitis
1G POT $14.98

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