5 Great Plants With Fall and Winter Berries

At this time of year, many gardeners turn from thinking of flowers to alternative sources of interest. Attractive foliage, eye-catching bark, interesting architecture and of course colourful fruit. While many plants produce a berry after flowering, these 5 plants are truly inspiring in the fall and winter garden. Without further ado, here are five beautiful plants with fall and winter berries.

beauty berry

'Profusion' Beautyberry
Callicarpa bodninieri 'Profusion'
This deciduous shrub features clusters of long-lasting metallic purple berries along its branches in fall. New foliage is bronze-purple turning mid to dark green. Relatively maintenance free plant and adaptable shrub. Grows easily in full sun or dappled shade in a wide variety of soils. Prefers humus rich, acidic, well drained soils. Grows 6-10ft in height. Best in zones 6-8. This plant is native of western and central China. It's named after Emile Marie Bodinier (1842-1901), a French missionary who collected this shrub and introduced it to Europe.

blue princess holly

'Blue Princess' Holly
Ilex meserveae 'Blue Princess'
This evergreen shrub/tree features spiny dark blue-green foliage on purple stems. Clusters of dark red fruit appear in fall and winter to create the classic holly look. A good dense growth habit, but not quite as pyramidal as Blue Prince. Considered one of the best Meserve hybrid hollies. Prefers full sun but will tolerate part shade as well. Moist, well drained soil is best. Use 'Blue Prince' Holly to pollinate in order to achieve berry production. Grows 12-15ft in height and 8-10ft spread. Hardy in zones 5-8.

scarlet pearl snowberry

'Scarlet' Pearl Snowberry
Symphoricarpos 'Scarlet Pearl'
This deciduous shrub cultivar is related to the native snowberry and features dark pink summer blooms followed by an adundant crop of large pink to white coloured non-edible berries in fall. A unique specimen for the winter garden when leafless stems are covered in attractive fruit. Grows best in sun to part shade in moist, and somewhat well drained soils. Will reach a height and spread of 4ft. Extremely hardy, zones 3-7.

beauty berry

'Magical Berry' Winterberry
Ilex veriticillata 'Magical Berry'
A large spreading deciduous shrub with green foliage and brilliant, bright red berries in fall and winter if a male variety is nearby. Branches are often cut for use in flower arrangements and christmas planters. A favourite plant for nearby birds too! Best in full sun and moist, but well drained soils. Grows to 15ft in height and 9-10 feet in spread. Hardy to zone 3.

bright fantasy snowberry

'Bright Fantasy' Snowberry
Symphoricarpos 'Bokrabright'
This deciduous shrub features light pink flowers in summer followed by an abundant crop of large white fruit in fall. It's especially showy on otherwise bare winter stems. Cut, fruiting stems can last up to two weeks in flower arrangements. This plant is a nice addition to northern, native plantscapes and garden woodlands. Grows best in full to partial sun. A height and spread of 4ft is common. Hardy in zones 3-7.

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