Beneficial Insects and IPM Pest Controls

Art's Nursery carries a good selection of beneficial insects for environmentally sound insect and pest control solutions. Most are available seasonally or in limited quantity. Please call ahead, 604.882.1201, to confirm availability.

Grub Buster - European Chafer Control

(Steinernema glaseri. and Heterorhabditis bacteriophora)

Apply to lawn when larva is present in the ground and actively feeding. Typically in April to mid-June and Early August to October. Soil must be moist when applying. Water in for 10 days after.

Hose end sprayer is also available to apply this product with ease. No need to refrigerate. 100% biodegradable package. Keep out of sunlight.

Also effective to control fungus gnats, onion maggots, cutworms and sob webworm. Does not affect no target species.

Coldshots - Vine Weevil Control

(Steinernema Krausei)

Get a head start on these grubs before they start munching on your roots. Apply in March. Vine weevil larva will attack Strawberry, Rhododendron, Sedum, Primula, Bergenia and Heuchera.

Weevilution - Vine Weevil Control

(Steinernema sp.)

Most popular control of Vine Weevils. Apply mid-April. Weevil damage is more pronounced in potted plants.

Attack Pack - Vegetable and Flower Protection

(Steinernema carpocapsae)

Controls a variety of vegetable and flower garden pests such as cutworms, root worms, asparagus beetle, cranefly, minor weevils and fleas. Apply in April to July.

Ladybugs - Aphid Control

Raise populations of these hungry beetles in your garden by releasing every year. Freeing ladybugs is a fun and educational experience for both kids and adults.

Aphi-delete - Aphid Control

(Aphidoletes aphidimyza)

Called the Aphid midge, this predator kills by laying its eggs inside aphids. Best application is on aphid populations on boulevard and fruit trees. A re-application is suggested after two weeks.

Mighty Mites - Mite Control

(Phytoseiulus persimilis)

These voracious predatory mites specifically eat the two spotted spider mite. In periods of dry weather, the two spotted spider mite will colonize a variety of ornamental and vegetable plants. Great used indoor and outdoor.

Hot Mites

(Neoseiulus fallacis)

This predatory mite eats a broad spectrum of pest mites. Works well with low humidity. Great used indoor and outdoor.

Hype-O - Fungus Gnat Control

(Hypoaspis miles)

These soil bound predator mites will eat the eggs of fungus gnats, vine weevils, bulb mites and thrips pupae. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Covers up to 200 sq. ft.

Crypts - Mealy Bug Control

(Cryptolaemus montrouzieri)

Must be used indoors in a humid area. These black beetle have a red face and are about the size of a ladybug. They love to eat the hard to kill mealy bug that destroys your indoor cactus, succulents and hibiscus to name a few.

No-Thrips - Thrips Control

(Neoseiulus cucumeris)

This predatory mite attack those tiny little thrips by going after the immature stages. Thrips will distort flowers like gladiolas, dahlias and especially roses. Many vegetable plants are also affected.

White Fly Control

(Encarsia Formosa)

Great for indoor and outdoor use. These tiny parasitic wasps are what you need to take care of low to moderate infestations. They will lay their eggs inside juvenile whitefly.

Red Wiggler Composting Worms - Soil Improvement

Limited supply. Add to the compost pile and rapidly speed up decomposition. Worm castings are one of the best fertilizers around. A great way to teach kids about garden biodiversity.

Pricing and availability subject to change without prior notice. In case of price discrepancy, the in-store price shall be deemed to be correct

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