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Live Christmas Trees

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Art's Live Christmas trees 

Art's Nursery carries a large, year round selection of live and living Christmas trees. Some of our varieties include Fir, Spruce, Pine, Cedar and others. Unlike cut trees, Live Christmas trees have intact root systems and can be planted in your garden after Christmas. Its a great way to enjoy the benefits of a Christmas tree and improve your garden or landscape at the same time. Live Christmas trees are generally available in two types, balled and burlapped (B&B) and potted.

Balled and burlapped trees have been dug up, and their root systems reduced and wrapped into burlap. They are still living and will regenerate their roots over time.

Potted trees have their entire root systems growing in containers or pots.

In the Fall and Winter, Christmas trees are in a state of dormancy. Once inside, surrounded by warmth and dryness of our homes, the trees may begin to think spring has returned and will break this dormancy and begin growing. This tender new growth can be damaged by cold temperatures once the tree is brought back outside after the holidays.

xmas display
xmas display
xmas display


Caring for Live Christmas Trees

Here at Art's we care about your plant before and after it was taken to its new home, especially with these living christmas trees! Here are a few guidelines to follow to better care for your live Christmas tree this holiday season! 

  • Before bringing your tree inside for the holidays, allow it to acclimatize to a warmer temperature, ie. in a garage, or similar location
  • Once acclimatized, bring it indoors
  • Try to keep the tree away from heat sources like fireplaces, heaters and vents
  • Try to keep the house a little cooler when possible
  • Keep the tree well watered. Do not allow it to dry out
  • Do not keep the tree indoors for more than 10-14 days
  • After the holidays, acclimatize the tree to the outdoor cold by letting it rest in a cool location like a garage for several days
  • Once acclimatized, plant it outdoors and water it thoroughly
  • Do not replant it if it is extremely cold or the ground is frozen. Wait until a thaw occurs.
  • Use a transplant fertilizer or bonemeal to help establish the root system during planting
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