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Arts Christmas Tree Care


At Art's we are pleased to offer each and every tree a fresh cut. This will enhance the trees ability to absorb water and thereby increase its cut life span. It is essential that a fresh cut be fully immersed in water as soon as possible. If too much time elapses, give the tree a second cut with a saw. Remove about half to one inch of the stump to remove the sap sealing the bottom of the tree,

If you need to store the tree before setting it up and decorating it, keep the trunk in a bucket of fresh water in a cool, sheltered location away from sun ,heat and wind. If the tree will be in storage for more than a day or so, make another fresh half-inch cut up the trunk before decorating it.

There are three key strategies to follow when caring for your Christmas tree:

The first is to place it in a good location. Ensure the tree is placed in area away from drafts, winds and heat sources like fireplaces, wood stoves, heat vents, radiators and tv's. Warm dry houses are hard on Christmas trees. The longer they are indoors, the faster their needles will dry up, turn brown and fall off.

The second key factor in caring for your Christmas tree is to keep it well watered. In the fall and winter trees are dormant. When they are brought into the warm indoors, they will assume that it is Spring, break dormancy and begin to grow. This causes them to dramatically increase their water intake. Daily watering may be required as an average sized Christmas tree can absorb up to a gallon of water a day. Ensure that the water level in the stand is always above the cut line or else dried tree sap will form a new seal blocking the further uptake of water. If this happens, take the tree out of its stand and make a new cut ½ inch up from the previous one.

the third being, to spray the tree with an anti-transpirant product like "Tree Fresh". This substance reduces the amount of water lost by the needles thereby helping the tree stay fresher for a long period of time.

 Avoiding Potential Hazards


The number one hazard in having a Christmas tree at home is the threat of an electrical fire. Always make sure any Christmas lights on or near the tree are in good working order. Use only CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved lights. Avoid using outdoor lights as they can generate a lot of heat - stick with the smaller, indoor mini-lights for your Christmas tree. Finally, never leave the lights on when sleeping or when you leave the house. Be safe and enjoy a very festive holiday season with your beautiful Christmas tree!

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