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Christmas Greens 2020
Christmas Greens 2020   32

Beautiful greens, garland, boughs, stems, porch pots and gift ideas for Christmas 2020

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We all want to surround ourselves with plants. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beautiful garden full of flowers, shrubs and trees, a little patio with gorgeous pottery and plants, a home full of lush tropical foliage or sensational succulents, a little plant for the office or anything else.

Like you, we believe that plants should be part of our lives. But getting started can be challenging

African Mask Plant

Choosing The Best Plants Can Be Tough!

Picking the best plants for your garden, home or patio can be tough, time consuming and expensive.

Choosing the right plants in a sea of green with only tiny plant tags to help you pick can be frustrating. Who has time to figure out plant names written in some dead language anyways?

Trying to find someone that knows something in most other stores or online sites can be a waste of time.

You've Got Questions!

Where do I start?

Which plants are best? How many do I need? What does this one look like? How big does it get? Where do I plant it? How come this planting stuff is so heavy and tiring? What kind of dirt do I need? Does it need food? How do I take care of it? Do I really have to water it? What do I do if it gets sick or dies?

Did I just waste my time and hard-earned money?

Am I failure if my plant turns into mushy compost?

Doing nothing isn’t an option either – unless you want to be ‘that house on the block’ that children scurry past. Yes, you know the one … the one that neighbors glance at sideways and speak of in only hushed tones.

Plant Questions
Indoor Plants

We Understand...

We feel your pain. We’ve been there too. We have all helped kill a few plants along the way.

Really, it wasn’t our fault was it?

We know what it feels like to make a bad decision, waste money on poor plant, make a planting mistake, or worst of all, lose a beloved one-of-a-kind plant.

That’s why we're here.

We’re Here To Help You Succeed

Art’s Nursery been in the plant business in this single location for nearly 50 years and have helped thousands of gardeners, landscapers and homeowners achieve success and planting happiness.

Our huge and well organized 10+ acre selection ensures you get the right plants and our experienced and knowledgeable in-store staff are always available to help.

We can help you choose plants or offer additional services like our Garden Coach if you need design advice.

We are your trusted advisor and assistants when you need us.

Help You Succeed With Plants

Who Are We?

In business since 1973, Art's Nursery Garden & Home is one of Metro Vancouver's largest retail garden centres as well as a wholesale nursery and grower. We’re open year round, 7 days a week and offer tried and true classic plants as well as an ever-changing selection of seasonal, specialty and specimens.

Our large single location garden centre and nursery on the Surrey / Langley border grows and stocks an incredible 10+ acre selection of outdoor plants. This includes the finest local and imported trees, shrubs, perennials, pottery, garden accents and water features.

Need top soil or bulk materials? Our landscape yard carries 14 different soils, mulches, gravels, and river rocks each sold by the tractor scoop for in-store pickup or local delivery. Need a little less? Many of these and other products are sold by the bag for easy transport

Visit our indoor boutique for a curated selection of houseplants, tropicals, succulents, cactus as well as a hand-picked selection of home décor, accents and pottery.

Seasonally, we transform the store into a fall photo fest with our Pumpkin Pavilion and Scarecrow Fest and a cool frost Winter Wonderland complete with all your seasonal decorating needs including live and fresh cut christmas trees, ornaments, festive porch pots, wreaths, garland, fresh boughs, greens and more

Regardless of the season, we work hard everyday to try and provide you with an exceptional gardening experience. We’ve always been firmly focused on you and your planting needs. Come give us a try. Thousands of people visit us every year and we’ve humbly been able to maintain a great reputation / rating on Google Reviews and Facebook. We look forward to serving you soon!

Hours of Operation

We’re currently open everyday from 9-5pm. Holidays 9-5pm

COVID-19 Enhanced Shopping Protocols

Art’s Nursery is open for retail and wholesale with enhanced shopping protocols. We encourage the use of masks and protect our cashiers with sneeze-guards. Hand sanitizer is available in several locations for staff and customer use. Outdoors areas are open for regular operations with social distancing. We sanitize all shopping carts after every use and clean frequent touch points regularly. Access to our indoor areas is limited to a certain number of people to maximize physical distancing. We also offer local delivery on many items if you are unable to visit us in person

COVID-19 Safety Plan & Procedures

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New products are always being added. Some of our most recent arrivals or additions to our catalog include:

Please note. Our plant library should be considered as a reference guide - not a real time inventory. Not all items are in-stock all the time. If in doubt, please call 604.882.1201 to confirm

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13 Christmas Home Decor Themes

13 Christmas Home Décor Themes at Art’s Nursery

Thank you to Shelley Levis and our team at Art’s Nursery for working so hard the last few months on our Christmas Market. We are excited to show you all of our beautiful Christmas themes this year. There are so many things we want to share with you! Some of the things that we are going to cover in today’s video are, gnomes are super-hot, pink is still in and we will take a look at Dodder’s Den too!
1. No Place Like Gnome
Gnomes are still hot this year. The perfect name for our selection of gnome décor and Christmas accents is, “No Place Like Gnome.” These little guys are so adorable and are sure to make you smile. We have a lot of fun in this section, you’ll see a lot of red, green and gray here. These gnome characters can fit in quite nicely within any décor theme you have at home, they’re just absolutely delightful.
2. Santa’s List
Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, everybody is on Santa’s list this year! Our theme here is all about things wrapped up in beautiful paper, beautiful bows and black and natural wood tones. When you visit, you’ll see our whole team made it on Santa’s list.
3. Cactmas
We recently renovated a beautiful cactarium space, it is absolutely beautiful and stuffed full of succulents and cacti. This area brings components of that new space inside at our Christmas Market. Check out our beautiful Cactmas Tree and lots of beautiful cacti and succulents with even more selection inside our cactarium.
4. Star Of Wonder
A huge trend this year is the stars, astrology and the universe. We incorporated these elements into a theme, bringing you Star Of Wonder. We have lots of moon phases, stars and many back gold and sparkly accents.
5. Cozy Cabin
Welcome to our cozy cabin! Celebrating all things soft and plushy…and moose of course! We have a fire place mantle to build inspiration from. Think of yourself as being in a cabin in the woods sipping on a hot cup of cocoa in a warm seater!
6. Country Christmas
In Langley we are expanding with many families in smaller dwellings. This space gives a big nod to all of our wonderful hardworking farmers here in the lower mainland.
7. Pink Joy
Light pink, with a little bit of teal. Very feminine and fresh and cheerful!
8. Macramistmas
Botanicals are in year ‘round no matter what! We have a lot of faux botanicals here which is great to add to your wreaths or garlands. We are all about plants and love celebrating our huge macramé section, check out the Christmas spin we put on our macramé this year!
9. Canadian Christmas
We have to have a Canadian inspired Christmas theme, we are Canadians after all, eh! We have a wonderful tree boasting beautiful accents of snow shoes, they can be used in your tree or porch planter.
10. Christmas By The Sea
Christmas by the sea…it’s where I want to be! We are a coastal province and love to celebrate the ocean we get to enjoy, so close by in White Rock.
11. Donner’s Den
Donner’s Den is all about intellect and cuddling up with a good book beside the fireplace with a warm blanket and drinking a cup of tea! We have beautiful greens, coppers, bronzes and old golds running through this theme.
12. Sprit Bear
We are honouring our Polar Bears in this display. You’ll see a lot of macramé, gold, ivory colours, chartreuse and more mixed into this theme.
13. Winter Blues
We finish up our tour with the Winter Blues display. It’s a little bit Christmasy, natural, a lot of eucalyptus colours and light greens here.

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13 Christmas Home Decor Themes

Thank you to Shelley Levis and our team at Art’s Nursery for working so hard the last few months on ...


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