Original Sea Soil

original sea soil

An Organic Potting Soil Made In B.C.

Art's Nursery is proud to offer the Original Sea Soil, a rich black, OMRI recognized organic top soil from Port McNeil, Vancouver Island.

Created from a mixture of fish and forest fines. This top-quality organic soil is rich in colour and in nutrients while maintaining a neutral pH. SEA SOIL™ contains all necessary micro and macro nutrients to grow a healthy garden, is weed-free, and is an excellent way to retain moisture.

Guaranteed Analysis: 2.1-.16-.05

SEA SOIL™ is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). With no fish odour, this two year composted soil is a complete soil for your garden.

OMRI Listed Top Soil

Benefits of Sea Soil:

Fish and Forest Fines 2 Year Composted Soil

  • Organically fertilized with fish
  • Retains moisture
  • Breaks up clay and increases organic content
  • Promotes strong root development

How To Use Sea Soil:

SEA SOIL™ is a complete soil that will change the way you garden. The rich black soil is full of micro-macro nutrients and trace elements to enrich your soil quality. Time between watering will increase. Fertilizers and other supplements can be eliminated. When using SEA SOIL™ with other supplements, follow the directions of all products being used.

Blend with your existing soil to fertilize and improve soil conditions.

Blend SEA SOIL™ around base of tree or shrub at a desired thickness to naturally fertilize or plant directly into SEA SOIL™.

Apply a desired thickness of SEA SOIL™ to your plant bed or garden to protect and fertilize.

Rake in SEA SOIL™ evenly in the area to be fertilized or patched. Follow grass seed directions if seeding.

How Much Sea Soil Do I Need?

1 Bag of Sea Soil = Approximately 9 square feet area spread 2 inches thick

Use our bulk calculator for accurate landscape calculations.


SEA SOIL™ is excellent for retaining moisture. Water when soil is dry throughout your container and always have a water collection device if overwatering occurs. Excessive watering may result in a murky coloured water which is characteristic of SEA SOIL's™ natural benefits of not being chemically fertilized. Recycle the excess water back into your plants.

How To Order Sea Soil:

Call 604.882.1201 or visit Art's Nursery in person.

Sea Soil is available for sale in several packages:

  • individual 32L bags
  • By the pallet (approx 65 bags)

Art's Nursery also carries a wide variety of other bagged and bulk materials like soil, mulch, manure, rocks and gravel for your next landscape or gardening project.

For More Information

Contact Art's Nursery at 604.882.1201 or visit the Sea Soil Website

or download the Sea Soil Product Information PDF

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