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Turf and Sod Sales Metro Vancouver Art's Nursery carries fresh, locally grown, high quality sod / turf (rolls of grass) during the Spring, Summer and early Fall.

How Big Is a Roll of Sod/Turf?

Each roll is roughly 4 feet long and 2 feet wide and will cover an area of 8-9 square feet.

When planting, always purchase a few extra rolls to ensure you have enough to finish the job. Any extras can always be used to patch up troubled areas of your existing lawn.

When is Sod/Turf Available?

Turf is highly perishable. Once cut, the average roll must be planted within 3 days or should be thrown out. We try to ensure maximum freshness and quality by bringing in Sod/Turf on specific days: Thursdays / Fridays from April through October, and occasionally mid-week (Tue-Wed) in the spring (April-June). Pallets of turf are always available by special order if ordered in advance.

You can now reserve your turf online!

How Much Does Sod/Turf Cost?

Each roll of Sod/Turf is regularly priced at $7.98 + taxes.

Do You Deliver Sod/Turf?

Yes, turf delivery is available curb side. That is, anywhere where one of our delivery trucks can safely offload. Please note that additional manpower or assistance is required at the recieving end to offload the turf. There is $5 deposit on wooden turf pallets, so kindly return them to us when your project is complete to avoid additional charges.

Sod/Turf Laying Instructions

1. Till and level the area where sod will be laid

2. Moisten the soil 1 or 2 days in advance of planting

3. Rake the top soil for a final leveling

4. Start laying sod in a straight line ensuring each piece is firmly abutted to its neighbor.

5. Stagger each new row to ensure the connecting area do not form a straight line

6. Once you have completed laying all the sod, use a lawn roller to ensure firm contact between the soil and sod roots. A sod roller is available for rent from Arts.

7. Water the lawn regularly and deeply. Daily for new plantings, less often as the sod matures and begins to establish itself.

8. Do not mow the lawn for at least 3-4 weeks

9. Apply fertilizer during the growing seasons, fall and spring. Newly established sod can benefit from starter fertilizers, that is, ones with more phosphorus, a higher middle number

How To Order Sod/Turf

Turf and Sod Sales By the Pallet

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