Airplants, also known as Tillandsia, are easy and popular indoor plants. These tropical wonders gather their nutrients from the air and as a result don't need roots or soil to grow! An occasional bath, mist of water and bright, but indirect light is all they need.




Be sure to find out the exact light and watering needs of your plant to help keep it healthy and thriving. Since all plants have different growing requirements, the following is just a general guideline on how to care for indoor tropicals.




By far the most exciting thing about Air Plants, and what most people are drawn to initially, is there ability to grow without soil.

Tis unique growing form enables us to display them in all kinds of cool and imaginative ways. You can attcah them to crystals, driftwood and decorative rocks, create a little glass terrarium for them with succulents and other plants or even simply set them in a small ceramic dish. The options are endless!




Air plants require bright but indirect sunlight. This means they like a location that recieves a good amount of light (i.e. not a dark corner) but no direct light from the hot sun. 

Think of a big window, letting lots of light in, where you look out and see blue sky but can not see the sun - That is indirect light!


Air plants are very easy to keep happy in the way of watering, because they require no soil you don't need to worry about root rot and a myriad of other soil-borne problems. Although there are 2 things you should be doing to keep your Air Plants healthy and thriving.

The first is regular spritzing with filtered water. Simply fill a spray bottle with filtered water and mist your Air Plants. This can be done a couple times a week. 

Secondly it is also important to give your Air Plants a bath by submerging them in water and letting them sit for 15-20 minutes. This should be done less frequently than the misitng, once every 2-3 weeks at most during the growing season.





Feed your air plants with fertilizer during the growing season, generally spring and summer. Air plants don't require a strong fertilizer. Use any fertilizer meant for Indoor Tropicals but at half strength to keep them happy and to encourage flowering. In the winter, cut back on both feeding and watering.



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