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Art's Nursery offers a plant rental service for special events, tradeshows, weddings, movie sets and more.


Plant rentals are for 2 nights and 3 days. Pick-up or arrange delivery the day before and keep them for the second night after your event. Plants must be returned before the close of business on the third day or late fees may apply. If you require the plants for longer, please let us know and we will work to accomodate your needs. You may choose to purchase the item after its rental. Your rental fee will be applied towards the purchase price, but the pick-up and drop-off fee will not.

Drop Off and Pick-Up Fees

Due to the weight and size of some materials, a pick-up and/or drop-off fee may be required if we drop-off and pick-up. We can also recommend several freight / trucking companies that can also be of assistance


Return of Damaged Items

If an item is damaged during the length of the rental, you will be responsible for covering its regular purchase price. As plants are living things, please ensure they are cared for and watered, especially during the hot summer months.

Rental Fee

The rental fee varies by item and item type. The standard rate for plant material is 1/2 of the regular purchase price, per rental with an additional 1/2 as a refundable deposit upon the return of the items in the original condition. The deposit may be subject to full or partial holdback if the item is damaged or no longer able to be resold this season. All rental fees are non-refundable.

Common Plant and Product Rental Items

  • Urns & Containers
  • Wine Barrels
  • Hedging Cedars
  • Yews
  • Laurels / Privets
  • Topiary
  • Palm Trees
  • Banana Plants
  • Bamboo
  • Boxwood
  • New Zealand Flax/Phormium
  • Larger Indoor Tropicals

Due to their seasonality and fragile nature, we do not rent seasonal colour, annuals, bedding plants or similar items. Most rental items are larger, evergreen or 'woody'

wine barrel rentals
cedar rentals
privet rentals
topiary rentals
palm tree rentals
banana plant rentals
bamboo rentals
boxwood rentals
new Zealand flax rentals

Items may not be exactly as shown and may be available in multiple sizes. Availability depends on stock and season. Please call 604.882.1201 for more information.

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