January In Your Garden

d get ready!

  • Check and organize your seed shoebox, unless your family loved you and got you that cool seed organizer that almost does it for you.
  • Design and plan veggie garden, be realistic, no family needs 10 zucchini plants. Most kids will question the need for 1.
  • Check drainage…yes, check it again.
  • Move and divide any perennials as long as the weather is mild and yes, replant immediately and water in.
  • You know that Christmas tree you forgot to take to the local school for mulching? You know who you are... Use your Christmas tree needles or swags on your acid loving shrubs like Blueberries, Rhododendrons, Lingonberries. Chop up the smaller branchlets and shake the needles over the garden. There, now you have less to get rid of. If your Christmas tree is already gone, give yourself a pat on the back and collect some pine windfalls for your acid lovers. No flocked needles though.
  • Check your stored tubers, remove any that have mold or rot.
  • Prune deciduous trees, shrubs, roses etc. Pruning according to International Society of Arboriculture guidelines. They have a good website, take a look at the image gallery. Take a seminar. If your tree looks like it has been pruned, then you’ve done it wrong unless it’s a fruit tree.
  • Check new plantings and firm in place if they’ve been lifted by the frost.
  • Be careful not to step on green shoots from bulbs.
  • Give your houseplants a shower, if you have a mist setting. Dust off the leaves if the plants are too big. Add larger pebble trays under the drainage trays to increase humidity around your plants.
  • Clean bird feeders.
  • To prevent slippery walkways, consider using sawdust or sand to avoid salt damage on plants.
  • Try to avoid stepping on frozen grass. Your lawn can be damaged with the excess wear and tear when it’s frozen.
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