Brazel Berries

Unique Fruits For Small Spaces and Containers

Brazel Berries are unique edibles and small fruits from the Brazel Family in Oregon. They are simple to grow and are exceptionally beautiful and delicious. 5 varieties are currently available with new ones expected to be introduced in the future. All are available at Art's Nursery, but call ahead to confirm stock levels.

Jelly Bean Blueberry - Brazelberry

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Jelly Bean is a charming little puffball of a blueberry that is both prolific and container friendly. Produces large crop of super-sweet blueberries in mid-summer

  • Dwarf Blueberry ideal for containers
  • Large, super-sweet berries in mid-summer
  • Green foliage turns dark green and red in fall
  • Prefers full sun and moist, well drained, acidic soils
  • Grows 1-2ft high and wide

Peach Sorbet Blueberry - Brazel Berry

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Peach Sorbet is a 4 season show stopper. A compact blueberry with stunning new foliage from peach to pink to emerald. Peach sweet berries in summer. Semi-evergreen

  • 4 Seasons of Interest, Colourful foliage, white flowers and summer berries
  • New growth Peach, Pink to Emerald in colour
  • Fall foliage can turn eggplant purple
  • Prefers full sun and moist, but well drained acidic soil
  • Grows 1-2ft high and wide

Pink Icing Blueberry - BrazelBerry

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Pink Icing is a blueberry with breath taking spring and fall foliage. New growth is pink, blue and green. Fall foliage takes on stunning iridescent turquoise blue hues. Wonderful complement to Peach Sorbet

  • New foliage is pink, blue and green
  • Fall foliage has iridescent turquoise blue hues
  • Berries are large, sweet with robust flavour
  • Prefers full sun and moist, but well drained acidic soil
  • Grows 3-4ft in height and spread

Blueberry Glaze Brazel Berry

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Blueberry Glaze Brazel Berries have boxwood-like incredibly glossy, dark green leaves that are tolerant of shearing. The white with pink spring flowers beautifully contrast the deep foliage color. Small, little dark (almost black) berries present in little bundles mid-summer. The small berries have intense flavor much like the flavor of wild blueberries

  • Incredibly glossy, dark green leaves
  • White with Pink Spring Flowers
  • Small, almost black blueberries with intense wild flavours
  • Prefers full sun and moist, but well drained acidic soil
  • Grows 2-3ft tall and wide

Raspberry Shortcake - Brazelberry

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Raspberry Shortcake is a dwarf, thornless raspberry plant ideal for growing in small spaces and containers. Raspberry Shortcake™ plants produce full-size, nutritious and super sweet raspberries mid-summer. Raspberry Shortcake is a showstopper and will be a lovely addition to your outdoor living spaces.

  • Dwarf, thornless raspberry plant ideal for containers
  • Super sweet raspberries in mid-summer
  • Grows in dense, compact mound
  • Prefers full sun and moist, well drained, neutral soils
  • Grows 2-3ft high and wide
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