COVID-19 Safety Plan - Updated Nov 7, 2020

Art’s Nursery is committed to the health and safety of our customers, staff and guests. In response to recent COVID-19 health orders, we have pro-actively updated our in-store protocols and procedures


As a predominantly outdoor location, Art's Nursery is open for business, with social distancing, access control and use of PPE's and frequent sanitation. Indoor areas are open with managed access, PPE use and frequent sanitation. Staff only areas have revised working/usage arrangements, access controls and capacity limits as well as the use of PPE's and frequent sanitation

As an essential agriculture-based business, we understand our role in the market and take our responsibilities seriously:

Our COVID Safety plan is divided into sections:
  • Traffic Control
  • Social Distancing
  • Access Control
  • Sanitation
  • Golf Carts
  • Loading Protocols
  • Use of PPE

Traffic Control

When situations require, traffic control measures such as one-way shopping, specific entrances and exits as well as parking lot enforcement are available and have been implemented as required. As we are a seasonal business, most of these situations occur in Spring, and are not usually necessary in our slower seasons. Queuing areas have been marked with pylons or floor markings to ensure 6ft (2m) spacing


Signage has been posted at entrances and high traffic areas reminding staff and customers that social distancing is a requirement while shopping at Art's. Newer signs also strongly suggest that face coverings should be worn indoors for the protection of yourself and others

Social Distancing / Access Control

As a predominantly outdoor 10.5+ acre location, our facility allows ample opportunities for social distancing. Areas that require additional protocols include:
the cash desk, offices, indoor greenhouses and staff only areas like our lunchroom.

Cash / Front Desk

Our cash register area was reconfigured in Spring 2020 to maximize social distancing and personal protection. Where possible, cash desks have been moved to outdoor areas to maximize air flow and social distancing. All cash stations have been outfitted with plexi-sneeze guards and cashiers have voluntarily choosen to wear PPE's like masks and gloves. Pylons and floor markers indicate 6ft spacing (2m) for the cash queue. Sanitation supplies are available for staff and customer use at all cash stations


Two offices are located on the premises, both of which are staff only, and have a signed maximum capacity. Staff and vendors are asked to wait outside the offices until capacity becomes available. Excess employee workstations have been removed from the area and relocated. Staff working in these areas are voluntarily wearing masks for their own protection and that of others. Offices and frequently used surfaces, tools and equipment are sanitized several times a day. Sanitation supplies are also available in both offices

Indoor Greenhouses

Two greenhouses on our premises have implemented COVID safety plans. Other greenhouses on-site are either predominantly outdoors with good airflow, or have historically had very low simulatenous customer traffic.

The Cactarium has a signed maximum capacity (4) at each entrance informing customers of the requirement for social distancing and access control.

The larger Tropical/Gift greenhouse (7500sq ft) has an implemented and successful access control system. Access to this area is controlled via "Access Passes" and is limited to 15 persons + on-duty staff.
Customer are asked to carry a sanitized "access pass" while shopping in this area, and are asked to return it on leaving the area. This system self-monitors the number of people in the building at one time. "Access Passes" are sanitized after each use. Frequently used surfaces, tools and equipment are sanitized regularly by staff. This includes doors, handles, telephones, computers, printers etc.

Located in this building are staff washrooms. Each washroom is cleaned several times a day and DIY sanitation supplies are available for use. Effective Nov 7, 2020, staff working in this area near other persons have been instructed to wear masks or face coverings. Exceptions will be made for medical / health reasons or with management approval.

Staff Only Areas

Safety protocols and reminders have been posted in staff only areas such as the Lunchroom. Lunchroom access has been limited to 4 persons at a time. Additional outdoor break/lunch areas have been created to permit social distancing. DIY Sanitation supplies are present for staff use. The lunchroom is also sanitized on a schedule each and every day. Access to the lunchroom has been altered to reduce traffic through our greenhouse. Staff are asked to enter and exit the lunchroom via the staff only external door. Offices are limited to staff only, as earlier state

Frequent Sanitation

Customer Shopping carts and baskets are divided into two groups: used or sanitized. After use, carts are returned by customers. Staff then sanitize and move them to the "available for use" area. This protocol is signed and implemented since spring 2020. DIY sanitation supplies are also located at each cart return location.

All frequently used surfaces, office equipment and tools are sanitized regularly.

Bathrooms are all equipped with DIY santitation supplies and are sanitized by staff regularly throughout the day

Golf Cart Use

As golf carts have frequently touched surfaces, we have removed them from retail use until further notice. Golf carts are available for staff and landscape customers to transport orders. Carts are sanitized before and after each use. Golf carts are limited to one person at a time. Staff have been informed that sharing golf carts with customers and other staff is not permitted

Loading Procedures

Staff are still available to help customers load their purchases into vehicles but we ask customers to either self-service, or allow our staff to help, but not both

Use of PPEs / Masks

Staff and customers are strongly encouraged to use all appropriate Personel Protective Equipment including gloves, face coverings and masks and other devices. As of Nov 7, 2020, staff working indoors in close proximity to others have been informed that mask wearing is mandatory. Signage encouraging mask wearing has been posted in high traffic areas. Staff are strongly encouraged to wear masks indoors and outdors when working with customers and other staff

More Information

As you would expect, Art's Nursery is committed to the safety of our staff and customers. We are learning, adapting and implementing all best health practices. If you have any comments or questions please contact us at 604.882.1201 or via email at

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