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Orgunique Compost Activator 1800g

Orgunique Compost Activator 1800g

1.8kg Product
Brand: Orgunique
Orgunique Compost Activator is a 100% organic product that increases microbial activity in your soil to produce superior composting results. It speeds up decomposition and breaks down organic waster. It helps produce a high grade compost rich in minerals and nutrients in a short period of time. To apply, chop waste and apply directly to compost pile. Mix well and make a heap. turn the heap as needed. For best results, apply twice. 1.8kg Size. Ingredients: Fish meal, Alfalfa, Soybean Meal, Kelp Meal, Neem Cake, Rock Phosphate, Calcium Lime, Dolomite, Humic Acid Derivatives and Natural Potash.


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