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Fritillaria 'Imperialis Rubra' Bulbs #11394  Imperialis Rubra Crown Imperial Fritillaria Bulbs

Fritillaria 'Imperialis Rubra' Bulbs

Imperialis rubra bulbs produce a tall crown of foliage with fragrant, eye catching orangey-red flowers in mid to late spring. Fritillaria's are ideal for deterring deer, moles, and squirells from the garden. Great for naturalizing. 1 bulb.

List of plants in genus: Fritillaria
1 Bulb PKG $6.99
Date Updated : 10/19/2018
Fritillaria 'Lutea Maxima' Bulbs #11395  Lutea Maxima Fritillaria Crown Imperial Bulbs

Fritillaria 'Lutea Maxima' Bulbs

Lutea maxima has stunning foliage, vibrant yellow flowers, and the odour is a repellent to deer, squirrels and rabbits, but pleasant for humans! Great for naturalizing. Plant in clusters for the best look. 1 bulb.

List of plants in genus: Fritillaria
1 Bulb PKG $6.99
Date Updated : 10/19/2018
Fritillaria 'Meleagris' Bulbs #3716  Meleagris Fritillaria Guinea Hen Flower Bulbs

Fritillaria 'Meleagris' Bulbs

Meleargis bulbs bloom into crisp white, downturned flowers with yellow centers with thin green stripes in mid to late spring. Fragrant and deterrs squirrels, deer, and moles from the garden. 10 bulbs.

List of plants in genus: Fritillaria
10 Bulbs BLB $3.99
Date Updated : 10/19/2018
Fritillaria persica Bulbs #16274  Persian Bells Fritillaria

Fritillaria persica Bulbs

Fritillaria persica, also known as Persian Bells, grows tall 32 inches high spikes with multiple dark purple hanging blooms. It is best grown in full sun and well drained soil. Wet feet can cause rot and bulb loss. For best results, lift the bulb in early summer and replant in fall. Flowers in late spring, is deer resistant and makes an excellent cut flower. 1 bulb per pack.    

1 Bulb PKG $4.98
Date Updated : 11/20/2015

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